Fiverr; Microtasks market place crossed 60 Million funding mark!

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Fiverr, a freelancer market place for performing micro task where people buy and sell any type of service has done with the raise of $60 million funding. This major venture is intended to “insistently exert a pull on the bunch of freelancers who prefer to still operate offline as stated by the company.


However, this news has taken up the Fiverr’s total funding crossed the $110 million huge mark that definitely is double amount of whole previous round, that was around raised as 30$ million in last August .Moreover, the latest round were led by the Square Peg Capital, with the existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners as well as Accel Partners and Qumra Capital.

Further with all the increased funding share, Fiverr also  announced that its freelancers will soon in time could set their gig prices by themselves as the $5 minimum was charged. Thus, this is a great shift in micro task market place so far as it was till now solely recognized by 5$ bids.

However, in the near time, Fiverr will get to launch a new named as “easy-to-understand” gig packages transversely a number of pricing tiers. As per company’s statement, “this step will obviously abridge the way Fiverr sellers price and bundle services, the new gig packages will also help Fiverr sellers easily pocket more cash, create greater worth for buyers and making sellers agile adequate to magnetize, entrepreneurs as well as corporate marketing departments.”

Undoubtedly, Fiverr generates around 1 million transactions per month, although it doesn’t wholly reveal the worth of those transactions. But obviously, with this greater move, this platform is helping freelancer to get their hands on bigger projects and enhancing their skill sets on large scale.

According to Micha Kaufman, Fiverr’s CEO. “More freelancers shifting their business online, which grabs the attention of investors, and they’re driving the overall size of the marketplace to dizzying new heights. With the gig economy workforce expected to hit 43 percent of the total workforce by 2020, we’re enthusiastic concerning the economic opportunities we shall build in the future for our society.”

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