Sadia’s Kitchen; the Startup Creating Opportunities for Cooking Enthusiasts

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Undoubtedly, this is an era of emerging startups that are going to places and conquering unbeatable marks. In this regard, we have found one of the brilliant startup ideas of online kitchen that has been laid as the name Sadia’s Kitchen.

kit 1

Let us come straight to the point!

Sadia’s Kitchen is the first online kitchen in Pakistan that got established in June 2009 and took up the pride in giving great service, quality food at reasonable prices. However, this kitchen ensures the tastes of your choice with homemade delicacies served on the plate made with scrumptious spices and exquisite recipes while mouth watering food made in the most Hygienic conditions.

Moreover, by ensuring to serve the clients with the fresh ingredients and gracious hospitality, this kitchen has selected its service staff to pledge the professionalism and peace of mind that one expects from an outstanding caterer.

What is new with this idea is, Sadia’s Kitchen has now come up with a new endeavor to support cooking passionate that are in love with their dishes. The newly brought out initiative is inviting all chefs, cooking experts and bakers to get registered with Sadia’s Kitchen and earn money by completing the food order.

Regarding the whole process, what one has to do is to first register with the Kitchen here  followed up by giving small description and picture of the dish and get towards the preparation of the dish with expertise. However, after the food preparation process within estimated time, the kitchen agent will directly receive the order by your door step and while being paid at the same time.


To sum up, this is the brilliant endeavor all set to promote and help the cooking enthusiast who want to earn money without taking risks in this competitive market.

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