Daraz Hires 3,000 DEX Heroes To Prepare for Gyara Gyara Sale 2019

Gyara Gyara Sale 2019
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Daraz, the leading online marketplace, is gearing up for the upcoming Gyara Gyara sale and has hired 3,000 more DEX heroes (delivery riders) to ensure swift management of the millions of orders the platform expects to receive during the sale event. As Daraz prepares for the sale, the platform is also focusing on enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions, making their shopping experience more convenient and empowering sellers to make the most of the sale.

During the 11.11 sale in 2018, Daraz witnessed an 80x increase in orders. Over 3 million users visited the platform during the sale and had access to more than 3 million discounted products. This year, Daraz expects to host over 10 million users and therefore, is equipping itself operationally to ensure quick delivery and and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Daraz Express (DEX) is Pakistan’s largest logistics company specifically designed for ecommerce operations, employing more than 1,000 DEX heroes and delivering 55% of the total orders. As the platform prepares for the Gyara Gyara sale, 3,000 additional riders have been hired to ensure faster delivery.

“Fast order fulfillment is the core of customer satisfaction. Our DEX Heroes work tirelessly to ensure timely delivery of over 30,000 packages daily. They are gearing up to deliver an even larger number of orders during the 11.11 sale,” Umer Gul, Country Head, DEX. 

Daraz’ 4 warehouses located in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are being further automated. Conveyor belts have been installed at the facility in Karachi to optimise the space, increase productivity by 20% and ensure swifter fulfilment of orders. Together, the warehouses cover a space of 200,000 sq feet and house 30% of the platform’s top-selling products. 

Recently-launched Daraz Pick Up Points were launched to allow customers to collect their prepaid orders from a location closest to them at a time that is most suitable. The service is available at 55 pickup points, 45 at Daraz Hubs in 19 major cities and 10 Dukaans in Karachi. More Pick Up points will be activated before 11.11. 

With features such as Image Reviews and Instant Message, Daraz has empowered customers to make informed purchase decisions. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform will continue to offer customers unique, personalised shopping experience from an assortment of over 8 million discounted products. 

Daraz also ensures that sellers are equipped with the tools and technology they need to optimise their performance during sales like 11.11. In addition to massive seller summits in Karachi and Lahore this month, regular free-of-cost bootcamps are held at Daraz hubs and educational webinars are made accessible to them through Daraz University to fully prepare them in time for the sale. 

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