Flairs that Contribute Towards an Ambitious Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur’s prime objective is resolving a problem or amend something that already exists. However, we can’t say that all entrepreneurs have the same goals. Also, goals are very different than business plan and are usually contained within.

Examples of possible entrepreneurial goals:

  • Productivity goals 

Example: Build a certain amount of product by a limited or given time.

  • Profitability goals 

Example: Earn a definite amount of revenue/profit by the end of a quarter/certain time.

  • Customer Service goals 

Example: Receive a good rating on social media.

  • Employee Retention or Recruitment goals 

Example: Recruit several employees on a given date.

  • Financing goals 

Example: Meet pre-defined goals pertaining to the company’s durability and ability to finance certain sort of operations.

Competitive Analysis goals-

Example: Attain targeted product ratings in the marketplace.

  1. Sales Skills: Try out selling at local market.
  2. Some Basic Coding: You can’t skip code if you want to go along with the future era. But hey, it does not mean that you are going to implement programming logics, but it will ultimately help you out in managing things, with a better pace.
  3. Accounting: As I narrated, some basic concepts will help in management in a long run.
  4. Going through biographies of successful entrepreneurs: It’s highly recommended that you read success stories since they come out as a resultant factor of constant efforts and pressure.
  5. Leadership: We can’t get someone’s misery and issues unless we ourselves take that place, so being an entrepreneur is really a challenging task since you must force yourself into a leadership position and again, reading opens the door of unbelievable knowledge. So, what are you waiting for? Get a book and start reading.

 A successful one from us:

Sameer Ahmed Khan, the founder of locally developed website Social Champ, had three disastrous in his list before he was successful in his career.

Although his current enterprise, a startup which provides awesome tools to automate and manage your social media existence is gaining popularity and lot of traffic, he has made to it by getting over a lot of failures in his career.

His first oversight was a multiplayer gaming platform ‘GameOChat’ which could work across platforms to develop video games and give people a chance to chat and play simultaneously. Albeit he worked three years for the project, but it did not launch and with the ransom of the Unity gaming engine, it clearly had no chance.

Next was Educating Dreams, an application having a righteous mission whose object was to help street children by connecting them to charitable schools. The intention was honest, anyone who wants to help a child, take his picture and the application would automatically save its location to report it to a welfare school.

Albeit the idea behind making this app was honest, it failed to pick up rather winning many competitions. NGOs vindicated themselves as what if the other NGOs involved and needy kids frequently alter their locations, making it hard to be traced after initial contact.

But Khan was dedicated and without being broke by consecutive second failure, he moved onto a third venture, RemindZapp, a tool for managing reminders. This app, too, was shut down due to infinite problems that plagued its growth, despite being accepted into the Google for Entrepreneurs backed The Nest I/O incubator.

Sameer being focused did not let his dream break. Why? In his words, “People only need an excuse to hold them back from doing amazing things.”

And today, Sameer Ahmed is the CEO and co-founder of Social Champ, a platform which automates an individual’s social media presence. Yes, the man behind the idea was successful at last.

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