A New Startup Is Up And About To Come; Hinting by Prelaunch Campaign

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A lot of IT startups have been founded over the past couple of years. We all missed just one thing – a prelaunch campaign that would get us wondering what’s about to come. Something that would be of interest without it getting boring or over-the-top. Something out of the blue, irrelevantly relevant and spot-on.


Well, we have news for you – we’ve just found the startup! There are a few people who have come together to form an IT startup. We got in touch with one of them and were told the startup will be offer IT services and solutions to various organizations across Pakistan.

We are informed that the startup has already set its eyes on having headquarters in Islamabad and two other regional offices, in Lahore and Karachi respectively. While the source did not confirm us the name of the startup, We were told that it will directly target the existing market share of national system integrators, enterprise IT consulting and outsourcing firms.

Examples of well-established firms already in these markets include InfoTech, The Interactive Group, Inbox Business Technologies, Techaccess Pakistan and Systems Limited.

The startup will also offer application development and deployment services to organizations of all sizes.

We asked the source, what new this startup will bring to the table. This is what we were told:

“…What sets us apart is clear. Our team is a platform that is assembling the best in breed.No other organization can back this claim like we can. Each and every member is making our team far better than the competition. Where we’ve all come from – we’ve delivered 100%.”

Also, no other IT solutions organization in Pakistan values its employees like members. We are built on an organizational structure where there are no employees; just stakeholders. Everyone gets a share of the earnings. Everyone is equal here…”

“…We are trying to explore in great depths the markets for wearables as well as the Internet of Things. Pakistan has yet to make its mark in either of the two. Our team has the right people who have years of first-hand experience, and together, we believe we can achieve remarkable things.

No other systems integration or IT outsourcing firm in the nation has expressed interest in the IoT. We will be the first team in the nation to explore this market and partner with the best to bring meaningful solutions for both businesses and end-users.”

Prelaunch campaign under a budget

The campaign started on May 25, 2015, when one of the startup’s employees shared a status update. The update was captioned “I am…” followed by an image saying “bigger – better – stronger – together”. The employee then received attention of a lot of fellow IT professionals who then enquired regarding the campaign. Screenshot attached below:

This was the start to a series of same updates shared by a lot of other fellow IT peers. The source has confirmed that so far all of the people sharing these updates are on board and will join the organization upon its launch.

As for advertising under a budget – Linkedin is a free-of-cost social platform that allows everyone to network openly with professionals they know or want to connect with. Spreading news regarding an upcoming startup on Linkedin? That is definitely smart thinking.

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