Rejoicing Happiness with #SpreadingSmiles; an Avid Campaign by McDonald

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Every Ramadan, there comes several brands that opt different branding strategies with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives .This year also, bunch of different brands come up with their initiatives either to create budgetary deals, making happiness with their activities or getting upbeat with the concept of joy of giving in the society.

Likewise, before the start of the blessed month Ramadan Kareem, it has been observed that a light and new campaign is buzzing round the social media. This campaign was featured with the #SpreadingSmiles that solely focused to make people happy with good small deeds. Overall this campaign is initiated to state how truly we can create happiness and make people smile even without spending money.

After a while, it was revealed that the campaign belong to none other than McDonald. This campaign is engraved to give a good and nurtured feeling as it tells that spreading happiness among people leads to make you feel better too. With kindness and humanity, one can make anybody happy as well as creating a ripple effect. It highlighted that no deed is either big or small but the only thing is to take care of the people and behave with kind manners that can be cherished for long and become the reason of their long lasting smiles.

In this regard, McDonald has come up with videos of common people who seek out happiness in daily lives. Some get happiness with tea, few people enjoy free wifi while some of them take pleasure in outing with friends and family and more. Moreover, under this initiative, McDonald has frivolously challenged its employees to create smiles on their customers’ faces as their belief is “as bigger the smiles, the bigger the happiness”. Not just an aspect of happiness is being created under this endeavor but the services given by the employees of McDonald are pleasing that make customers bind with them.

Though, they have also announced a competition to share any one idea that could spread smile with the #SpreadingSmiles hashtag and get a chance to win a free meal with them. Overall, this initiative has taken up a lead in bringing the joy of happiness and making people smile with little gestures of life while it is being appreciated by people to greater extent.

Go through this video to check what McDonald is up to!


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