Bots to Write and Humans to Read

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What if the computers, take in your school project’s title and write it out for you, on their own? How would it be, if you give your product’s name as an input to the computer and it returns you back with a nifty review about it? Wouldn’t it be awesome to pay a minimal amount of money and get your desired content written within a minute or two? That too without the hassle of hiring and coordinating with a content writer. This sounds like a heavenly dream, doesn’t it? To be fair, this dream is not a dream anymore. With the exponential advances in AI, this distant dream has nearly become a perfect reality.

Articoolo, an AI driven soft bot, capable of writing semantically correct content about varied topics, is another leap by AI towards a greater revolution. Articoolo is a venture of a company based in USA, namely Bots to Write and Humans to Read Articoolo Inc. This ultra-efficient and super unique soft bot, has been designed and developed by a team comprising of mathematicians, marketing experts, computer scientists and most importantly, content writers.

Articoolo is embedded for use, in the official website of the organization. For the users, what it basically does is that it asks them to input a title, comprising of two words at minimum and five at maximum. In accordance with the topic, it creates unique and unplagiarized content, ranging from two hundred to five hundred(200- 500) words. The size of the content is also upon user’s discretion. On an average the stupefying algorithm, running in the background, processes and brings out the result in an astonishingly short span of a minute or two. The most remarkable thing about Articoolo is that, it never produces the same piece of text for a particular title, upon multiple requests. Each time around there will be total uniqueness about the content created. This fact of a unique creation at every instance, further stamps the dexterity of AI in all races.

All this magic, is obviously not for free. Articoolo comes with two modes of payment, Pay per use and Monthly subscription. Both the options are pretty easy on pocket, considering the work Articoolo does and the hassle it prevents from.

These stupendous results are produced by an algorithm running at the backend, which uses various techniques of natural language processing and artificial intelligence in unison. The intelligent algorithm, keeps in view the semantic requirements of an article, making it a force to reckon with. According to an example given on the official website, the algorithm is so semantically efficient, that if given a topic, “The appliance variety of Apple”, it would know the context in which the word “Apple” is being used and hence, will process out an article regarding the variety of appliances of Apple, the organization.

With all these facts known and the further progressions expected, this soft bot might be a serious contender, to take over the role of humans in the field.

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