9 Must Have Travel Apps for Every Solo Female Traveler – List by Jovago Pakistan

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As technology spread its wings everywhere, it brings convenience to the lives of people across the globe. It provides them with a platform to connect, to conduct business and to socialize among other things.

Hence, it is a symbol of power for people. By using various technical gadgets, people are able to take control of their lives like never before. Once such empowerment has been provided to women who are no longer confined to the household chores only.

Not only are they getting better educated, but they are also traveling alone. Gone are the days when women were accompanied by men to ensure their safety while traveling.

Solo traveling among women has emerged as the talk of the town. With the hospitality industry going online, which has resulted in businesses such as Jovago Pakistan to offer their services, people all over the world are exposed to a new way of traveling.

They no longer have to wander the new destination in search of a hotel room. By using their smartphones from anywhere to everywhere, not only are they able to book hotel rooms according to personal preferences including best prices but they can also book flights; in short every aspect of their travel voyage is planned and arranged for prior to traveling to the new destination.

Keeping in mind the convenience that smartphone has brought about, Jovago Pakistan decided to help out all those solo female travelers out there by dedicating this article to all the must-have travel apps.

1. SitOrSquat

Have you ever struggled in finding a restroom at your travel destination when you get a call for nature? Easily relatable huh? But with this SitOrSquat application which is available for both iOS and android users, you no longer have to worry about finding a bathroom as it documents approximately 95,000 restrooms situated all over the world.

2. Google Translate

Traveling to a new place can be exciting but if you are not aware of the local language then the chances of enjoying your trip to the fullest are reduced. This is where Google Translate helps you out. With 103 languages out of which 52 are available offline, Google Translate helps you to understand and communicate by typing in words and phrases used in the local language. Available for both iOS and Android users, if you use this app.you will no longer be at a loss for words.

3. Magpie

Want to connect with fellow solo female travelers around the world but don’t how to do so? Fret no more as this incredible website provides an amazing platform to connect with female travelers who share similar interests such as love of food and yoga.

4. AllSubway

Navigating a map can be difficult especially if it is of the subway system. By using the Allsubway app, you can access the underground maps for more than 125 cities across the globe. Whether you are traveling through the subway station in Mumbai or Zurich, Allsubway is your best navigation guide.

5. Rendezwho

Want to make friends with those people who are passionate about traveling just like you? This app, which is based on a concept that is similar to that of blind dates, matches you with a mystery friend with whom you can share GIFs, music, and letters. This mystery friend is basically a digital pen pal whom you can meet with once you are comfortable with the friendship.

6. Help Call

If any emergency arises while traveling, one does not always know whom to call for help. This is where Help Call comes in. As each country has its own set of emergency numbers, this app brings together essential international emergency information in a very easy-to-navigate 4 button system. There is a button assigned to Police, Fire, Ambulance and a preselected Friend.

7. Hitlist

Want to save money while traveling? If yes, then all you have to do is select a destination with the Hitlist app which will notify you of any upcoming deals. Not only does the app gives you the chance to get to know about various deals for your bucket list destinations, it also helps you in connecting with your friends as well.

8. Instagram

Want to turn your ordinary camera phone photos into digital works of art? Well, you have been granted the opportunity to make your wish come true. With the Instagram app, you can apply various filters to modify the colors, saturation, and textures of your photos. Moreover, you can also share your pictures on other social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

9. Triptease

With the aim of making the reserving the hotel easier and transparent, Triptease app allows you to book the best hotel rooms as per your requirements. As it cuts out the middleman, the relationship between the hotel and its customers is strengthened.

No matter which destination is your next stop, use the apps to make your solo travel voyage an amazing experience which you can cherish upon later. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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