PepsiCo Pakistan unveils “Lighting Up Lives”

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PepsiCo Pakistan has joined hands with Liter of Light Pakistan (ACE Welfare Foundation) to start “Lighting Up Lives”; a movement to provide lighting solutions to the communities in need. The project will enable installation of safe, environment-friendly and sustainable Pepsi bottled solar lights in remote areas of the country.


 A special launch ceremony was held today at the Royal Palm, Lahore where stars from all walks of life came together and praised PepsiCo’s initiative of Lighting Up lives. Prominent celebrities such as Zia Mohiuddin, Shahzad Roy, Sania Saeed, Musarat Misbah along with officials from different NGOs attended the ceremony.

 September, 2014 saw collaboration between PepsiCo Pakistan and ACE Welfare Foundation; the official partner & representative of ‘Liter of Light’ global movement. PepsiCo Pakistan & Liter of Light partnership resulted in enlightening the lives of IDPs and refugees. PepsiCo Pakistan being the first to stand up and take an initiative to ‘lighten up’ and uplift the lives of the affected communities by installing safe, environment – friendly and sustainable solar lights.

In the first phase, 141 Pepsi bottled solar lights were installed at the Baka Khel refugee camp; whereas 175 solar light bulbs were installedat Jalozai refugee camp, benefiting large communities based there. The gift of light lit up their streets, hospitals, shelter homes as well as their faces. From lighting up faces for story time to walking safely on the pathway, from eating with the family in light to health & safety; community members were empowered to make the best out of the moments life offered them.

Founder of ‘Liter of Light’ global movement, Illac Diaz was also present at the launch ceremony and praised the support from PepsiCo Pakistan. He further added, “The global mission of Liter of Light is to provide sustainable and eco-friendly light to people who do not have access to electricity or are simply unable to afford it”.

Speaking on the occasion, Maliha Subhani, Director Marketing at PepsiCo stated that, “Brand Pepsi is all about seizing the moment and making the best of it. If that moment passes by in darkness, we lose the best of ourselves. This initiative of installing safe, environment – friendly and sustainable solar lights will uplift the lives of around 100,000 Pakistanis. We wish to seek your partnership in taking this project forward by further helping us create awareness and identifying key locations for installation of lights that will benefit the affected ones the most”.

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