MeraPlan; a Conveninet Online Travel Portal

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Does it often happen with you that you either planned or thought of a tour but it never worked out due to any of the circumstances? If yes, then this travel startup MeraPlan will get to resolve your problem right there.

This is the portal founded by two young folks namely Danish Fayyaz (Software Engineer at Jumpshare) and Ashar Jamil (Founder & Editor-In-Chief at ViewStorm and Founder at PoondiApp). Basically, MeraPlan is a platform designed to make planning, booking, and managing travel as easier as possible than ever before. This is the free portal with user-friendly interface that allows people to plan their travels in an efficient way while saving money as well as time.

This site entertains both users and agents as it allows travelers to create a profile at the website and get quotes for the desired travel destination. However, travel agents (registered with the relevant Government Authorities) can make themselves registered with their travel agencies and place their bids for air tickets (those bids will be price of tickets offered to customers). So from which, travelers would have different ticket rates by several agents that will allow them to choose a suitable one according to their budget.

This online portal facilitates users to buy a ticket which is meant to save a lot of time as visiting travel agencies and airline franchise requires huge efforts with time commitments. All travelers can get rates by all agents just on a click.

How it works?

After making a profile at the portal, one just has to select the trip of own choice, choose destination and enter the personal details followed by pressing the “Book” button. After a while, tickets will be issued and traveler will receive a call shortly for the confirmation of booking. On some spots, it could take few hours depending upon the airline availability. However, tickets will be delivered on email. For local tours, MeraPlan is asking upfront payment and afterwards, user will get a payment confirmation email.


With these procedures, MeraPlan is offering thorough travel assistance on chat. However, one can simply make a call or text on their given number to get the cheapest air ticket available on the market.

However, the service that is being offered is currently free but the fee could be charged in future for bookings made from their operators leading to change terms and conditions.

For the convenience, it has been advised to check out the pertinent consulates/embassies for visa requirements and timeframes for the issuance of Visa. Once the Visa is issued, travel package can be purchased by the website straight away.

Concerning to refunds, it will be depending on the terms and conditions set out by the operators. So, it is better to go through all the terms and conditions before purchasing any tour plan.

Overall, it is a thoughtful platform intending to ease the travels by and large .People can have hassle free travelling arrangements without leaving a place even and enjoy their pre-travelling excitements and experience as well.

It is worth to mention that that this travel startup has gotten USD 10,000 seed funding in February 2015 that is really a good symbol of their future growth and success.


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