Chalking the Future with Tecno

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Smartphone giant Tecno which is the official partner of the Manchester City football team just initiated its biggest CSR project in Pakistan titled “Tecno Blue Chalk”.  The mobile company has joined hands with Khubaib Foundation, a local children’s welfare organization to help deliver quality education to orphans.

The event marking Tecno’s collaboration with Khubaib was held at the foundation’s college and hostel for orphans in the hill-city of Haripur, Pakistan.

Creek Ma, the CEO of Tecno mobile Pakistan toured the orphanage with Nadeem Ahmad Khan, the chairman of Khubaib Foundation. The two walked through the campus and talked about ways to improve the infrastructure and to expand on the resources available for the orphanage. Both invoked their primary desire of improving the quality of education available so that the children have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Tecno’s support to Khubaib Foundation involves not only a monetary donation through the MOU but a year long commitment of further funding through donation boxes that will be set up at Tecno shops across the country. In addition to this Tecno has promised to donate a portion of sale from each handset that is sold.

The funds collected will be utilized to solarize the orphanage so that restraints of load shedding don’t hinder the children’s daily school schedule. Moreover the funds will also be used to restock textbook supplies and stationary in the foundation’s orphanages and colleges in Haripur, Muzaffarabad, Skardu, Sargodha, Gilgit and Rawalpindi.

The evening at the Haripur orphanage involved numerous activities to celebrate the partnership. Following a special iftar dinner for more than the 1000 students in attendance, Tecno officials took front row seats to enjoy the performances by the students. Besides a cultural tableau, the students showcased their skills in Taekwondo and sang songs about Pak-China friendship. Tecno officials also gave special gifts to the students from different campuses who achieved academic excellence.

Creek Ma spoke to the children and talked about why education is a cornerstone for a civilized society and how this initiative was aimed to take ownership of the orphans and ensure that they have the chance for a successful life ahead. He also noted that “no child should be left behind” and that this project is just the beginning of Tecno’s commitment to help marginalized children gain a quality education so that they get a fair chance in life. These words were met with a thunderous clap from the students who then went on to hand Mr Creek handmade ‘thank you’ cards.

Through this initiate Tecno is truly paving the way for the most vulnerable of children to transcend with education. The premium mobile brand has shown that it’s goals aren’t just to function as a top tier global market competitor but also as a company that uplifts, improves and invests in the communities in which it operates.

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