Why A Website is Important for Your Hotel Or Guest House

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Have you been trying to check alternate tools and mediums which can help increasing your revenue? Ever thought of capitalizing the website?

If not then you should!

Websites have become one of the most important elements of business entity today. Irrespective of the fact you are a 5 star hotel in Lahore, a 3 star hotel in Islamabad or a small guest house in Murree etc. you cannot avoid to have a great website.

Have you checked Dreamworld Karachi or Avari Hotel Lahore? Their websites are highly structured, well maintained and provide several online options for guests and visitors.

Ever thought why?

Because they know how important a website today is for business and revenue.

Some Interesting Facts about Websites

As I.T has grown turning the world into global village, 1000s of websites get launched every day. Some interesting facts tell that:

  • In September 2014, a milestone of 1 billion websites was reached
  • In 2013 alone web grew by 1/3
  • Uncountable websites get launched daily

Why Websites Are Important In Business

Are you wondering why websites is important for business?

  • Information about your hotel or guest house is available 24/7 to existing and prospective customers
  • Your business website offer much convenience to you potential customers in finding you
  • Business website existence increases credibility in today’s world
  • You can benefit from speedy and smoother booking of your hotel rooms
  • Hotel website will help you to promote your business online on several platforms

These are some of the key features which make the presence of website essential. Your hotel or guest house website can capitalize on these features to increase revenue by a substantial number.

The fact cannot be denied that internet/online industry has created a serious impact on hotel and travel and tourism industry also. The dynamics have changed globally.

Online Travel And Tourism Industry Stats

As already discussed the importance of website and online existence, the travel and tourism industry has shifted sharply towards “online”. It is quite simple to understand hotels and guest houses need to be online too to cope up with the most closely related industry.

Hotels like Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi and many others have taken the initiative to get online to cope up with online travel and tourism industry. What about you? Are you still thinking?

It doesn’t matter even if you are small or cheap hotel you still need a website. Have a glimpse on interesting facts and figures about online travel and tourism industry.

  • In 2015 cumulative online travel sales (air travel, hotels, OTA’s) generated 533.52billion USD
  • These figures are expected to grow to 762 billion USD in 2019
  • According to CNBC as of July 2015, on average 180 million people visited online travel sites every months
  • Online travel agencies made gross bookings of over 150 billion USD in 2013 which is 38% of global online market and 13% of global travel market

The global online travel industry shows promising growth which forces any hotel or guest house to initiate and take the first and the most important step of getting a website.

A website is only appropriate for big hotels?

A common question which small hotel or guest house owners asks, is a website critical for us?

The answer is simple. Would you like to leave your market share without any efforts? Or you want to try your level best increasing your revenue?

Features Of A Great Hotel/Guest House Website

Having a website alone is not success. It is the first step toward attempting for success. A great website has several features which make it good for business. Some important features are:

Appearance of the Website  

When we talk about appearance it means color combinations and design of the website. An attractive and good looking website will create a great impression on website visitor.

Quality Content for Website Visitor

Do not overlook the main purpose of the website. It is “providing information” to website visitors. Make sure your website has maximum information.

Website Usability

Website usability is again an important element. In simple words website usability means the website should be properly navigated, simple, faster page load time etc.       


In modern era online presence is becoming essential. Without a website this is almost impossible. No matter you are a popular brand in hotel industry or a small cheap guest house, you cannot compromise on absence of a website.

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