CARFIRST Shows Promising Growth in 2017

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CarFirst – Pakistan’s leading used-car trading platform has grown by an astounding 78% in the last one year. From December 2016 to December 2017, CarFirst witnessed a hike in number of -car purchases, reflecting the growing trust of customers towards the used-car trading platform.

Commenting on achieving this milestone, CEO and Co-Founder CarFirst Raja Murad Khan said, “Our process is extremely transparent and risk free, where sellers can utilize the services of CarFirst without any fear. It is due to this fairness in our processes that we have been able to garner confidence and trust among our consumers. Their trust directly reflects in our increasing number of purchases. It also shows that people are now willing to move away from the conventional means of car sale due to the previously prevalent threats in the used-car market.”

In Pakistan, the used car market is unregulated that results in multitude issues pertinent for all stakeholders involved. From forged documentation to delayed car payments, the used car market is rife with opportunities for exploitation.

CarFirst’s unique business model relies on buying used cars from individual sellers, paying them upfront and then selling the car back to strategic partners. The thorough process undertake steps that reduces the risks associated with selling used cars as well as ensuring that the car will be bought at fair price, with payment made within a few hours.

CarFirst is the first of its kind used-car online buying and selling service provider, which is transforming car trading protocols in Pakistan with a safe, secure, and pre-inspected car procedure to facilitate potential buyers and sellers an easy and quick process.

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