Faisal Khan Secured the First Position as a Leader in the Financial Services Industry

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Out and about, there are several resources that are presented to guide about the financial payments solution. Along with FinTech, several resources focus on financial technology or payments topics that are ahead in provision of convenient solutions. In this regard, just recently, securionpay came out with the list of blogs of financial services that are making ways easier to follow with payment technologies.

We all are aware that Mr.Faisal Khan is pioneer in presenting the topics related to payment systems. So now his brilliant thoughts covered on his personal blog have been listed on the number one position at securionpay.

Being passionate about financial issues, he willingly offers mainly great analysis and insightful articles from years. From his blog, one can find the critical information about banking, payments, FinTech and e-commerce. Faisal Khan focuses in cross-border money transfer and payment systems while serving as payments consultant and an evangelist for digital money (aka Bitcoins). He’s working with entrepreneurs, FinTech startups, mid-sized and huge companies as well as with banks and financial institutions.

Having been listed on the top of the financial pioneers’ list is itself a huge success. So we congratulate him for being triumphant in the financial sector and wishing him to keep travel the miles!

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