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Yayvo came up with a creative idea this year with their well-received isMay box. The box came with goodies, many of them in pairs. The idea was to share the goodness with others, specially the deserving. In addition to that, the box could be refilled with items such as clothing, stationery, toys, books etc; and return to any TCS Express Center for the items in the box to be given to Saylani Trust. This message of Delivering Change came just in time for Ramadan, fostering a spirit of giving to those in need.

Ramadan is all about sharing blessings and caring for fellow human beings. The spirit of giving continues with Delivering Change in Ramadan through You can donate to various charities under four causes (Health, Education, Vocational Training and Act of Kindness). Through Yayvo Delivering Change, even those who didn’t receive an isMay box can donate and play their part at making ours a better society.

There are 6 organization on-board with Yayvo , striving to Deliver Change this Ramadan. These are Aman Foundation, The Citizens Foundation, Saylani Trust, LRBT, Behbud Association and Akhuwat Foundation. Users can click through any of the causes and chose to donate in the various listed ways to the organization of their choice.

Under health, the donated amount will be used to provide better health opportunities and making quality of life better. Donations made under the head of Education will be used to provide stationery, books and other educational services to provide the underprivileged with better educational opportunities. Donations for vocational training will be used to provide technical and practical training of up to six months to hone the skills of the deserving so that they can become constructive members of the society. Donations made for an act of kindness will be used to bring a smile by providing an item of use to someone in need.

If you wish to donate items instead of money, Yayvo has a Box of Hope, for users who wish to donate items of use such apparel, shoes, toys etc. Yayvo offers them to use an empty Yayvo box, fill it with the items to donate, place the provided Box of Hope of sticker and drop it off at any nearest TCS Express Center, from where the box will be delivered to Saylani Trust.

Surrounding us is a large number of people who deserve a better chance at life. The spirit of giving and sharing, prevalent in Ramadan provides us with an opportunity to look out for these people. This Ramadan, when you are preparing for Eid, looking for the best for your family, remember those in need as well; the ones who do not enjoy the same luxuries in life.  Take a moment to log on to Yayvo Delivering Change and donate for a cause in a couple of easy steps. A small donation on your part could give someone a chance to a better life.

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