Microsoft Technologies Promise To Enrich Healthcare At Aga Khan University

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Microsoft Pakistan recently held an event at the Aga Khan University (AKU) and its teaching hospital the Aga Khan University Hospital, to showcase its most advanced technology platform, designed to facilitate the optimization of key business processes and to enable end-users to perform better. The use of these cutting-edge solutions ensures highly efficient delivery of health services for the public.

The speakers at the event presented various scenarios where robust technologies from Microsoft are playing a role in transforming healthcare services all over the world. By adopting Microsoft’s unified set of solutions and cloud computing platform, medical professionals would be able to access, create, share and store virtually endless amounts of information and content, round-the-clock, on-the-go. The speakers highlighted Microsoft’s innovative mediums for collaborating across teams, organizations and networks, with complete data security. Every end-user in an institution will thus be able to enjoy stronger connectivity through a wider variety of smart devices, as the solutions reflect a revolutionary era in enterprise productivity.

The Country Enterprise Lead, Microsoft Pakistan, Mr. Abid Zaidi commented, “We appreciate the opportunity to introduce Microsoft’s latest healthcare solutions to AKU. Microsoft has created numerous powerful solutions to accelerate the progress of healthcare institutions. The benefits of our highly secure, user-friendly and flexible technologies are well-suited and easily customizable for doctors, nurses and students. Using these solutions, the healthcare professionals can communicate across various platforms, in multiple ways, from multiple devices, which helps increase efficiency, reduces travel costs, and improves patient care”.

The Chief Information Officer at Aga Khan University and Hospitals Mr. Chris Handley stated, “The Information Technology team at Aga Khan University has been taking numerous initiatives to incorporate superior technologies for providing a diverse range of medical services. We thank Microsoft for offering very attractive solutions and propositions to enhance our output. AKU has a progressive vision, where we seek emerging technologies to ensure seamless connectivity and data sharing among healthcare providers, while we also equip the patients with requisite knowledge and control, to deliver comprehensive and personalized healthcare experiences”.

Speakers also highlighted how AKU can provide better visibility to clinicians and business decision makers by using Microsoft’s “Big Data & Analytics” solution, which is empowering healthcare industry across the world. Easier access to data across devices allows quicker decision-making, while the staff can focus more on improving patient care.

Microsoft’s “Enterprise Mobility Suite” promises swift and complete control over cloud-based identity services and mobile device management for easier collaboration and compliance at an enterprise level. The “Microsoft in Education” initiative also provides a great impact for better learning outcomes, helping students and educators worldwide, to realize their full


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