Huawei Ascend G-7 boasts the longest battery-life in a Smartphone Launched in Pakistan

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Huawei is one of the globally leading enterprises in telecom technology. It has now announced the launch of its Flag-ship product – Huawei Ascend G-7 smartphone, long awaited across the world, including Pakistan. Experts anticipate G7 to be the most sophisticated and popular addition to Huawei’s diverse product portfolio in Pakistan, as it reflects Huawei’s pursuit to become the number one technology company in the world.


Huawei has finally made a great innovation to overcome the big challenge of short battery-life in smart devices. The Ascend G7 has successfully created a battery that lasts for over 600 hours on stand-by. Thus, Huawei has defied the notion that; Smart devices do not have a battery that can last long enough to sustain the heavy usage in these sophisticated devices. G-7 is designed for heavy use, including; video streaming, gaming, and HD recording. Its battery gives up to 1.2 days of power on a single charge, as well as an incredible 600 hours on standby.

Before the advent of Ascend G7, it was really hard to find a smartphone which makes through a full day without draining its battery. So The Ascend G-7,  despite its ultra-slim design, boasts a big, powerful battery that doesn’t run out of power when you need it the most, giving you the freedom to use your smartphone in more ways for much longer.

The smartphone comes with a larger 5.5” display and a unique “smart antenna switching technology”, to ensure consistent network reception and enhanced wireless connectivity. The Huawei EMVI – operating system is already being used and admired by more than 100 million users across the world. Another remarkable feature of G7 is its ultra-thin 7.6mm slim body. An all-metal back provides a premium feel in the hand, and the unique, flowing curves give more elegance, balance, and strength to the design, reflecting great sophistication, as the world’s best smart-device.

The Head of Marketing Huawei Technologies Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. – Mr. Fraz M.Khan stated that; with record-breaking global sales, this powerful flag-ship device is also intensifying the competition in Pakistan’s smart-phone market. Huawei Ascend G-7 is receiving an overwhelming response from the Pakistani customers who are appreciating its long battery life and feature-rich performance. It will surely give a real tough time to the existing range of smart-phones available in the country.

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