Undergraduate Students at GIK Developed the Pakistan’s Biggest Online Shopping Search Engine

Online Shopping
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The Concept of Online Shopping in Pakistan is spreading like a flame in the woods. The explanations for it is the across the board of the utilization of high internet speed, implies 3G and 4G. As these frequencies achieve each edge of Pakistan, Every Pakistani has an entrance to fast internet in their pockets on their Smartphones. Since the dispatch of 4G, Online shopping has turned into the most well-known strategy to shop online in Pakistan. On an ongoing scientific Pakistan have in excess of 300+ online Shopping Website.

Here’s the Question emerges, do these 300+ stores satisfy desires for its client? According to ongoing studies the appropriate response is disappointing. There are not very many stores which reach up to the dedication they make to its client. The real issue that emerges for the client is to find the actual, lowest and bona fide price of the item when he is unconscious of the item real price.

About Shoppingum?

Shoppingum is a brainchild of Muhammad Bilal Jamil, Undergraduate student at GIKI doing electrical engg. Bilal reach up to a solution to the Online Shopping problems faced by the students on campus at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute.

Shoppingum fills in as a web crawler to find the items accessible all finished internet in Pakistan, not just this, Shoppingum scan item for you, as well as suggest the most prevalent and confided in items according to the client inquiry and left the decision to the client. Our mind-boggling look calculations

Make the client reach to it want the item in milliseconds. Not just this, we additionally draw in with the hunt inquiries having equivalent words of the item name, or inquiry question with a wrong spelling. Shoppingum utilizes man-made reasoning to learn and develop the framework that prescribes the best items to its client.

Do you know an Amazing actuality about Shoppingum? The client simply has to his prerequisite and we will look through that inquiry from 300+ stores, just on a Single tick. How cool is that! . Shoppingum gives a ton of highlights aside searching. Definitely, we likewise give a brisk perspective of the item. Where the client is permitted to see the following parameter of items:

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Rating
  • Delivery Time
  • Warranty
  • Return Strategy
  • Replacement Strategy
  • Free Shipping


The hooking things about the element of Shoppingum

Better believe it, you have heard it right, it’s jaw-breaking continuously. Shoppingum has relegated a look at the catch on every item, tap the analyze catch and see the enchantment.

Shoppingum blends that particular item frame all stores at a single place for the simplicity of its client. So that, the client can complete a side to side examination of his craving item frame all stores in Pakistan. So this not just spare you’re a lot of minutes to investigate distinctive site physically for your longing item yet additionally contacts you want an item with a profound correlation.

Shoppingum is where choices are made. Shoppingum fills in as an extension amongst store and clients and serves to fabricate a relationship of trust between them.

So next time before going to Shop Online, try it out on Shoppingum. You may get a big stake, or to be sheltered from getting tricked by online stores, on their phony prices or duty.

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