Huawei brings thrilling entertainment with the first concert of “Mika Singh”in Lahore.

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The eastern rock-music icon – Mika Singh performed live in concert for the very first time in Pakistan. This glittering performance was sponsored by “Huawei” and created an electrifying atmosphere of digital-music. At the jam-packed venue of Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore, the Pakistani youngsters were thrilled to see this Mega-star performing in their city. Lahore has always been the hub of eastern culture, entertainment and folklore. The event organized by Northerngate inc. and Insight group.


The globally leading technology enterprise – Huawei had collaborated with “Northerngate Inc.” – a leading event-management company and insight group, to make this concert a delightful experience and a resounding success. The mega-event inspired a spirit of happiness and positivity by creating this melodious and healthy entertainment for the new generation, who participated enthusiastically to enjoy a wide array of captivating songs and enthralling music. Thousands of teenagers and students from various educational institutions and a large number of families were seen rocking with the rhythmic tunes created by Mika Singh, enriched with the musings of a witty host – Ali Safina.

The Managing Director of Huawei Pakistan stated that; “This large, excited crowd of fun-loving students and young professionals could be seen incessantly clicking away, taking selfies and group pictures to instantly share this dazzling experience through their online social networks, using their smartphones. A significant number of these flashy devices were unmistakably Huawei products. This shows the immense popularity of Huawei smartphones in Pakistan. We are delighted to have successfully created this memorable event for the Pakistani crowds and entertain the Huawei fans in

Huawei is committed to keep innovating and presenting cutting edge technologies and devices to appeal to the aspirations and aesthetic sense of the socially active individuals. Thus the company continues to create fascinating experiences and memorable moments to jazz-up the life of its fans around the world, especially the youth.


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