Get your hands on this Infinix Selfie Superstar; expected to be the hottest phone of 2019

selfie Superstar 2019
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Infinix is all set to release its new 6.2 inch HD+ phone in the market called the S4, which according to early reviewers is the hottest budget smartphone of 2019 and a true Selfie Superstar. You will be able to purchase this photography powerhouse as soon as its available in stores across Pakistan and online on 19th July 2019.

The Infinix S4 features an astonishing 32MP front camera which is designed to make your selfies look out of this world. Not only does it come with an extremely high resolution but it also has the “AI beauty” feature to help get rid of acne marks, pimples, unwanted scars and uneven skin tone. The smartphone’s beautifying tools are at a professional level and incorporate state of the art tools for creating a naturally enhanced beautiful looking self-portrait.

But wait, the S4 doesn’t stop there! The smartphone’s beautification tool can also be used when making videos and even when you’re streaming live! Yes, that’s right, you can use the S4 to enhance and partially colour grade and highlight your live videos through easy tools that pop up on the side of your screen. All this works together to give you surreal selfies for all your social media platforms.

The S4’s front camera offers the highest pixel resolution and this allows users to face unlock even in the dark. This is possible due to the intelligent algorithm designed to recognize thousands of facial points and allow access for automatic face detection. The phone also offers a capacity of 1.6um ultra pixels and an F2.0 aperture that gives it a higher focus than other competing phones in the market.

Besides with a powerful front camera, the S4 also comes with a multi-functional triple rear camera at 13MP+8MP+2MP. The rear cameras allow for professional portraits, an amazing wide angle lens and the Bokeh tool. Through these tools users can take extremely wide angle shots which are great in group settings. The S4 in that regard offers full wide view of 120• that provides depth; distance and a very large field of view. All in all this makes the S4 the perfect tool for an amateur photographer who is looking to become a professional photographer.

Undoubtedly, now a days everyone is cautious of their photos being lost or stolen. Recognizing this the Infinix S4 comes with a multi-faceted protection procedure through fingerprint lock technology and facial unlock. Both these tools ensure security for all the data stored in the device. This way you don’t have to feel scared about losing your data or about someone else getting access to it.

In terms of design and outlook, the Infinix selfie powerhouse comes in three colors and gives the royal appearance of high-end phones. By combining fashion and tech, the S4 gives users the best of both worlds. The screen of 6.2” inch HD+ Water-Drop Display enables users to view their photos and videos at an extremely high definition.

The advanced Samsung S5KGD1 sensor and the 5P optical lens gives the best lighting and contrast output. This allows the S4 to offer optimal image refinement and the opportunity to elevate your photographs. Moreover, the phone has a really powerful battery pack; the 4000mAh battery can stay charged for two days easily and has a smart power management system that ensures enhanced battery experience and reliability.

This smartphone is specifically made for selfie lovers and so the S4 is an exceptional piece of technology. Not only does it offer the highest pixel front camera but it also brings in triple rear cameras and a great battery. All this comes at an extremely good price and for that reason, we can’t wait to get our hands on this selfie superstar. To experience its amazing results first hand make sure to get the S4 upon its release.

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