Chhipa Welfare Conducting Ramadan Campaign; Serving Humanity Better

Chhipa welfare
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Chhipa Welfare is the name recognized by everyone in the country and beyond. For more than a decade, they are serving humanity seamlessly in all aspects of life. From providing food to education and shelter home to morgue, the NGO is openhandedly helping humanity along with social welfare.

In this Holy month of Ramadan, Chhipa welfare is feeding great number families, fasting persons and orphans. Feeding 30,000 people two times every day and providing meals for sehri and iftarai in Ramadan, is creating ease for the people who even cannot afford one time meal.  The endeavor to provide quality services either in food, medical and life shelter aspect, this welfare is spreading smiles and giving them a ray of hope in darker times.

For all the lost people, orphans and homeless people facing extreme heat, intolerable cold, wet weather, or going through dangerous facets on the street, the Chhipa shelter home is a savior featuring a safe place to eat, sleep, and stay there at no cost. Apart from services of life, Chhipa welfare organization holds the morgue to get unnamed dead bodies to proper funeral and burial and this is an incomparable noble cause the welfare is heading.

Ramzan Chhipa, the founder of Chhipa welfare is spreading the message this Ramadan to break the cycle of poverty by feeling the pain of humans with immense humanity that lives inside humankind. With the great Ramadan campaign drive, he is lightning the purpose of the generous organization that is all intended to alleviate the financial difficulties of the poor while giving them a chance to live an honorable life with happiness.

Today, this NGO is extending its operations widely through Pakistan and giving out Ramzan ration and Eid packages to families making them land to whole happiness on the gracious occasion. Chhipa welfare strongly believes on a prospect that a little help goes a long way and turns to cheerfulness of life.

Alongside with highlighting of all the social welfare services, the NGO is bigheartedly asking for valuable donation in form of Zakat from both local and international donors. No doubt people have passionately lent a hand in supporting noble causes in the past years through this organization.

This is the blissful month and obviously there is no good time to dedicate your ZAKAT than this blessed month of Ramadan. So make sure to give your goodness generously. The nationwide branches of Chhipa welfare is operating in major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and others under the guidance of a dedicated team to reach to needy people on a daily basis. Donations can be made online or through banks, more details can be found at Chhipa.

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