5 Prominent Pakistani Startups Going Big In Solving Problems

Pakistani startups
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Developing countries like Pakistan where the expectancies from the recent graduate are just to grab the job to get income where there are still so many issues faced by the people who take startups as the career option. No wonder, startup culture being an alien thing, is still struggling in Pakistan and that’s where the concept of incubators come in line. They offer a series of steps to those who still chose this challenging idea over any comfort zone. Their main aim is to nurture Pakistani startups to shine. They provide aid that help individuals solve issues incorporated with initiate a start up by contributing an area to work, initial finance, guiding, coaching and many other benefits.

There are so many successful startups we have witnessed that came into being by non-ending efforts of the incubators. Here are some.

  • Hireonic

Usama Noman, the man behind the idea of saving a lot more time to recruit an ideal resource. He is cutting down the effort by interviewing and testing candidates beforehand and furnishing companies with a brief report before they approach anyone for final selection. This saves both effort and time in recruitment process and making it easier than ever before.

  • WonderTree

This theme was developed when the founder Muhammad Usman analyzed struggling his elder brother, who is a special child, while playing games. Usman at that moment, knew that he must design something that can help such individuals with therapy exercises and development activities. Since nowadays, games are the major source of entertainment and spending leisure time, founder used that medium for acquiring knowledge as well. WonderTree uses AR technology for this purpose. It helps in measuring performance of player each time and provides a brief report.

  • kheloKricket

Although our national sport is hockey, but watching cricket has its own flair. There is so much enthusiasm in people for leagues, to name some, PSL, T20, world cup and so on. No doubt, cricket runs in our blood. Since the professional cricketers gain popularity in a day and grab a lot of media attention, a layman enthusiast who can be polished under the professional training is usually ignored. Similarly, the players from school/colleges/universities possess the passion and zeal to play but having seen no better opportunity, the talent gets wasted. That’s where KheloKricket plays its role as it provides a platform for such individuals, match summary and visibility for the cricketers battling in amateur leagues. That’s how founders Asad Haider and Hadeel Obaid define the idea behind it.

  • Girlythings

How about getting all hygienic and clean feminine products at your doorstep that too without paying cash? Interesting, isn’t? That’s how the idea of founder Tanzila Khan works. She aims to provide first ever delivery application that is completely eradicating payment. How can one be buying the products then? By playing quizzes along side feedback puzzles of partners. The system comes with variety of items such as sanitary products, starter kit, and emergency kits altogether to furnish woman around the globe in a better way ever.

  • AzaadHealth

AzaadHealth is the result of personal suffering. The problems and pain experienced by the founder Abrar Ahmad when his own brother was getting treatment of cancer resulted in an idea of application. The app works as bridge between data conversion of files provided and accepted by different hospitals. It also helps collecting their health information from hospitals which is useful for making any medical decision on runtime as doctors can see every detail in a few clicks by getting themselves up to date with the patient health condition.

These Pakistani startups are intended to solve problems that people are facing for quite long. We hope to see them more progressive with passage of time nurturing the Pakistani startup culture.


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