Maarchaa.Com Holds Seminar On Digital Entrepreneurship And Bartering

Digital Entrepreneurship
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Pakistan’s first ever online bartering platform, held a seminar on “Digital Entrepreneurship and Bartering” in Islamabad for students and young business enthusiasts.

The event was filled with advice for the entrepreneurs-to-be and the senior entrepreneurs in which failure as a learning step was discussed. The aspiring students were advised to remain abreast with the latest tools and techniques that lead to ideas and entrepreneurship thus paving way to easy entry in the business.

Speaking on the occasion, the Co-Founder Numan Aly  gave the insights to the students about the economy and barter trade. he said that said that bartering is viable solution for the developing economies like Pakistan where inflation is high, industrialization is declining and employment rate is low. Numan Aly was of view that It’s not a hobby, it’s the way that people earn their money, and so being able to cut down on cash expenditures which is really a big benefit for them.

Co-Founder Sikandar Zaman emphasized that Pakistan needs a very interactive forum that brings together the relevant stake holders, digital experts & researchers on a common platform to deliberate on Pakistan’s current and future digital landscape. He further said that there are many segments of the society who are skillful but cannot fulfill their basic needs and reason mainly being the unavailability of right platform or medium while bartering can enable them to have whatever they want by exchanging goods and/or services without involving cash at all.

Online bartering transaction is a very recent phenomenon and getting popularity in different regions. Bartering can be good and It is never going to be a complete replacement for money, but can provide an alternative form of trade when the money isn’t there. is Pakistan’s first ever online bartering platform that has been launched by young business professionals. This is a free service providing a possibility of swapping of product with product, product with service and service with service.


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