7 Tech Gadgets to Follow in 2019

tech gadgets
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There are so many gadgets that are helpful for day to day routine life but some I found so interesting and unique in their functionality so that I felt I should write an informative article over. Here  are the list for tech gadgets.

1. New Zeblaze Thor S Smart Watch BT 4.0

The smart watch featured a front facing camera making it possible to perform video calls. Isn’t it great? I think this feature really makes this watch stand out from all other smart watches. Any techie soul would fall in love with this tech gadget so am I.

Smart watch

2. LED Display 3 USB Charger: 

This charger can not only charge multiple phones simultaneously but shows Ampere as well.  This intriguing tech gadget sounds amazing.

3. Cellphone Jammers.

If you’re perplexed by any unpleasant soul talking loudly at the next table or anywhere at any place, wouldn’t you love to have one of these?

4. Wireless Light Bulb Speaker

Different LED lights are a bit older idea to decorate the room with so here comes music in line with LED bulb. The bulb will flashlight according to the rhythm of the music you can connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth to this LED bulb to play your favorite music and enjoy the serenity of the place.

5. Square Register

Square Register is a revolution that’s distorting the current old, static transaction system. It takes the advantage of the smartphone’s mobility to let you receive any credit card payment anytime, anywhere. The buyer logs on the smartphone to authenticate payment and avoid fraud, and the information is enciphered before any processing initialize. Making lie easier, No?

6. Sensor drone

Sensor drone is a sensor computer that uses vital information around your environment, such as air quality, gas leaks, temperature, humidity and what not. Practically anything that can be felt. It is ultimately great for people with jobs that require practical measurements while on the go.

7. Tōd

Use these smart smoke signals, called Tōd, to track the location of your kid, a beloved pet or even your car or anyone you want to track. Get alerts via email or text when they make an unscheduled or unplanned departure from the compound or if they wander off too far from you.

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