The Brand of RoohAfza; Up and About via Campaigns

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There are several brands heading to have a competitive node introducing different strategical moves. Throughout the Ramadan Kareem, it is observed that different campaigns got executed either to attract people via product features or talking through charitable campaigns.

Likewise all the brands, there were several juice and drink brands that come up with their offers and ads trying to uphold the sales as well as the competitive edge. But it seems so avid that Rooh Afza remains at the top position among all the beverage brands.

Undoubtedly, it is an iftar must have drink that glooms the dining table always for decades now. It is known by all of us that Ramadan iftari is associated with Roohafza when it comes to have a refreshing syrup drink. Though many of the companies have tried to catch up the market attracting consumers with different properties of their products like fruits essence, herbal aspect or may be a cheap price. But eventually, when it comes to Rooh afza, all other brands got to lower graph of their sales and familiarity in the market.

Apart from the success of the brand, Rooh Afza comes up with the different move to remain unbeaten in the market like always. It is apparent that Pakistan’s Independence Day as per the Islamic calendar comes on 27th Ramadan but unfortunately there is no brand that gets to arrange any celebration of it. In this regard, it is noticeable that Hamdard Pakistanis the only company which celebrates this day every year with patriotism and spirituality according to sacredness of Shab-e-Qadr.

Likewise this year too, Hmadard Pakistan revealed a Pakistan day TVC that highlights the struggles made by the sub continent people and the patriotism they had at the time of separation while portraying the message of #PakistanMubarak. Have a look at the video here!

Undoubtedly, it is an incredible attempt to underline the feelings that Pakistani nation have always in their hearts for their beloved country. No matter what the nation goes through, they knows how to up rise while tackling the situations across the board.

Moreover, other than the celebration of Independence Day, Hamdard Pakistan has greeted the Eid Mubarak to whole nation by highlighting the golden relation between grandparents and grand children by creating a short notable TVC. This commercial depicts the beauty and sweetness of the relation of grandfather with his grandchild about the Eid festival as quoting the hashtag of #RoohAfzaEidMubarak. Under the video, the child got enthralled with the Eidi received by his grandfather and then in return, he made his grandfather pleased by a dessert treat integrated with Roohafza syrup. Thus, it conveyed the message of the stronger bond of relationships with Eid celebrations in traditional aspect of the family rituals.

Thus, in few words, it could be concluded that Hamdard Pakistan has surpassed the competition with Roohafza either it is the  spiritual time of Ramadan Kareem or an auspicious occasion of Eid. However, these celebrations by the brand got cherished and appreciated by the people widely.

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