myZindagi Launches Brilliant Technology Powered Healthcare Services

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myZindagi a startup from Lahore has launched some great health services for Pakistan. The company bridges the gap between patients & healthcare really easily. All you need is a mobile or laptop with an internet connection Or simply a phone to access myZindagi.

Download the app & talk to a doctor immediately via a video call (The service is free in launch phase!) or just visit the website to access 16000 doctors across Pakistan & lots of health information. The Q&A forum is very active too, Patients can ask local qualified doctors any health related questions & get answered almost immediately. Download now for Android or iOS.

The service is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Although similar services exist in countries like the USA, Europe & recently India – These technology enabled services give patients the power to control their own health.

myZindagi takes it a step further & provides every aspect of health needs for a patient. From doctors, to medicine, from labs to free advice all via one phone call or by downloading the app.

Talha Bhatti the Product Manager says:

There is an urgent need for services that aid Primary healthcare services in Pakistan. myZindagi bridges the gap between patients & health services, whilst providing convenient services to all. Access doctors via website, app & phone – By video call or by a simple phone call – Get independent advice.

Haseeb Sattar the COO says:

Our journey and our deep understanding of market fundamentals has led us to develop some amazing tech for Pakistani consumers; Scalable, easy to use & all developed within the country. The future holds a lot of promise and we are completely dedicated to providing the best healthcare technology. Wearables, Artificial Intelligence & deep learning are just some of the areas we are actively engaged in developing for the future. There is no reason what so ever that the next wave of global health tech innovation will not be from Pakistan

The service really does need to be tried out once!


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