Deshire, a New Food Fusion in Town

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It is visible nowadays that there are several brands come up in limelight and get succeed all over in just shorter time. That is the case with Deshire that launched officially on April 14. To get a chance to have meal at Deshire is simply amazing as it offers the most scrumptious food Japanese, Chinese or any Asian food.

This newly opened restaurant is located at Khayaban-e-Bukhari. As the name suggest, it is fulfilling desire of foodies who love to have spicy food combination on their tables. Regarding menu, they are offering five different bowls which carry different dishes under it. They are namely Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Gray under which different combinations are made of baby Spanish with egg noodles, spicy vegetables with brown rice, yellow curry chicken with egg noodles, Thai red curry, grilled fish with rice, Chinese prawn crackers along with chicken, beef, fried eggs, nuts, and sea food items. As the restaurant’s theme is about food fusion, so they are using spicy Thai chillies and Sambhal chilli that are up for satisfying the taste buds of spice lovers.

Here all items were found to be appetizing and especially smoky wings are worth to try that sizzle the taste buds well. It was aromatic with crispy and hot taste. Apart from it, egg curry noodles and black bean beef were so yum in the flavor that one cannot forget the taste sooner. Thai cashew nuts ere up to the mark with crisp taste all over.

However, deserts side is also filled with items like Lava cake, Japanese cake that are cheesy and creamy. For people who have sweet tooth cravings as well as for the diet conscious people, these desserts are worth to order. In addition, different varieties of fresh drinks are included in the menu like lemon cooler, Asian four seasons, tropical blue, seasonal fresh juices and more.

Like the menu of the food, ambiance here was peaceful and well managed with perfect décor. It is beautifully designed like of wooden touch while the serving staff was fine trained.

In few words, it can be said that the Deshire restaurant is a place that can offer a tasteful experience to all foodies who always crave for something new. In a great environment it is a good and serene place to try Food fusion with your loved ones.


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