Huawei Rejuvenates the Independence day Excitement

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This independence day, a leading international Technology brand, Huawei, has come up with an extraordinary campaign in Pakistan for its brand lovers and followers of the social media forums. Huawei Mobiles Pakistan has decided to celebrate the 69th independence day of the Pakistan along with its loyal Pakistani customers. On the occasion, Huawei has distributed surprise gifts and sent greetings to Huawei brand lovers, social media page fans, celebrities, media persons and bloggers. Moreover, Huawei teams were spread in different cities where they offered their hands to the selected households and famous places to decorate them with the theme of Independence Day. Media Persons were also involved in the activities conducted by the Huawei Mobiles Pakistan.

A general perception about the Huawei is that it is an international brand that usually more inclined towards the demands of youth and its ever innovative approach is also a youth-centric in this regard. In line with this, Huawei stepped forward and tried to bridge the gap between the two generations. Huawei has rejuvenated the traditional enthusiasm for the Independence Day celebration and spread the message that Huawei is there to fill the gaps not only in terms of technological means, but also hailing the norms and culture of its brand lovers wherever they live. Consequently, on the 14th August, Huawei teams were involved with the young fans and their elders to make the celebrations happen in a complete traditional style.

It is pertinent to mention here that despite of being an international brand Huawei kept its offices open in Pakistan on the weekend and celebrated the day along with the Pakistani employees in the offices. Huawei offices have been noted well decorated by the staff and ceremonies were held with excitement. Huawei released an independence day TVC as well. In the video Huawei Mobiles Pakistan has delivered a message of unity, harmony and the importance of the Independence Day celebrations. Huawei could be seen bridging the gap between the young generation and the traditions of the elders. 

Huawei has a legacy to follow the norms and values of the countries, it has customers from. Huawei is a true manifestation of globalization phenomena, where simultaneously an international brand acts as a national and local brand by keeping the deep focus on the cultural and moral values of the local markets. Huawei has very strong footings in Pakistan and it is the most reliable technology brand in the country, no doubt.

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