The Bank of Khyber Migrates from Phoenix to IRIS for JCB Debit Card Issuance

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JCB, a global payment scheme headquartered in Japan, is expanding its reach with issuers in Pakistan. Bank of Khyber (BOK) recent success with JCB Debit Card in Pakistan has been covered in JCB global publications. TPS, a leading cards and payments solutions company, has been a partner of BOK for over 13 years. TPS enabled its latest IRIS suite of products to offer digital experience platform to BOK customers. TTPS enabled its latest IRIS suite of products to offer digital experience platform to BOK customers. The platform would enable them to issue EMV cards adding security of Chip and Pin for their customers.

Bank of Khyber has successfully migrated from Phoenix to IRIS, an Omni-Channel enterprise payment and card management platform to launch JCB debit card. IRIS will enable BOK’s customer with the benefits of ATMs cash withdrawal in Pakistan and overseas. With the implementation of IRIS, the bank’s customers will also have the convenience of interbank transfer of funds and payment of utilities bills through BOK’s ATMs in Pakistan. This will bring added value to the services rendered by the bank to its customers. The solution provides the bank with advanced ATM controlling and reporting system along with enhanced security and administrative modules. Using IRIS, a next generation enterprise switching middleware, the bank can now add channels and services with great ease and in a very short time to offer even more advanced features to its customers.

IRIS builds a strong framework for banks on which they can immediately deploy support for various delivery channels like ATM, IVR, Call Center, Point of Sale Network, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Payments etc.

Being a PADSS certified and PCIDSS compliant solution from TPS, IRIS has received international accolades and customer endorsements for its reliability, flexibility, ease of use and extended parameterization.

Considering the strategic value of the project for both BOK and TPS, a smooth execution and timely delivery was needed. In order to ensure that, a team of highly skilled personnel from TPS and BOK was formed. Both the teams realized all the challenged ahead of time and worked closely together to ensure end to end delivery and successful migration from Phoenix to IRIS.

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