The Unheard Voice of Pro-Battle Champions

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Day in day out , month after month , one year after another, with the rigorous regime, testing and filtering out the best of the best, DCS-UBIT has been producing marvels for past 25 years.

The achievements of the department since the very start have been extremely formidable, but the regretful fact even after achieving uncountable stellar feats, is that these performances have not even nearly been brought to the much deserving limelight, for reasons which are diverse. DCS-UBIT has been producing top professionals, which have acquired top ranks all over the world. Not only Pakistani software industry is the one, that recognizes the worth of the graduates from DCS and ranks them at the very top, their worth is also recognized around the globe. Some of the very famous corporations where representation from the DCS can be found, include Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomberg, Oracle and various other top notch companies.

The above minute introduction to DCS, is way to brief to match up its credentials. Anyhow, this peace of text intends to break the shackles and bring up a tiny account of the department’s stupendous achievements in the first quarter and little more of this year. DCS has been a silent  conqueror for years now and much like always the starting few months of this year have been high yielding in all manners. DCS has been crowned champion in not one but two different and massive competitions, in a very short span this year.

Pro-Battle is a competition, annually organized by the computer science’s society of one the most reputable university of Pakistan, namely IBA. The competition encompasses contests not only related to the field of computational sciences but also from field of business, engineering and photography. Proof to the mettle of the DCS students is that the department has won the honors straight for past three years. The department had stood champion in IBA Pro-Battle edition of 2014 and 2015 previously. Continuing the legacy, the department has claimed the title yet again in the edition of 2016. Participants from all the top universities including FAST, IBA, SZABIST, PAF-KIET, SSUET and others had also participated in the event, making the battle as tough as it gets. Students from DCS participated in all the events, irrespective of the genres, proving the diversity of talent the department possesses. Mentorship of the prodigious faculty at DCS enabled the participants to bag titles in event’s like data analytics, logo and poster design, software exhibition, psuedocode and photography. The most exhilarating fact is that the DCS did not only win the afore mentioned titles but in many of the cases the runner ups in these competitions and also in the competitions in which the department couldn’t win the title , were also from DCS. Taking in account the most number of titles won in the competition, UBIT was yet again declared the champion. Complete account of the position holders and runner ups from UBIT in the competition, is as follows

Data Analytics:

  • Muhammad Abdul Subhan (4th year) Morning CS WINNER
  • Kamran Tariq (4th year) Morning CS RUNNER-UP

Business Idea:

  • Muhammad Anas Arshad (4th year) Morning CS WINNER

Logo and Poster Design:

  • Muhammad Abdul Subhan (4th year) Morning CS WINNER
  • Tabish Rafiq (1st year) Morning CS RUNNER-UP

Software Exhibition:

  • Kasra Zunnaiyyer (3rd year) Evening CS RUNNER-UP


  • Wasi Tariq (2nd year) Morning CS WINNER
  • Huda Jawed (2nd year) Morning CS WINNER


  • Saad Arif Khan (4th year) Morning CS WINNER

Apart from the win at IBA Pro-Battle, second and yet another thumping achievement by the department is the win at Microsoft Imagine Cup. In this event, organized by Microsoft in collaboration with HEC(Higher Education Commission) Pakistan where around 200 students from top universities of Pakistan fought for the titles at stake, DCS claimed the title in the category of gaming, courtesy a brilliant game developed by Kasra Zunayyer, a student of third year at DCS. The effort was appreciated by the judges and is tipped to do good in the international rounds of the competition.

With the momentum on side and the unmatched zest, the department of computer sciences of Karachi University is expected to bring more honors.

So here our team wish them all the very best!

What are your thoughts on this win? Share in the comment box below!

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