Huawei is Committed To Improve Global Connectedness through Cloud RAN

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Huawei is known for its commitment to enhance the global connectivity through its products and telecommunications innovations. Therefore, Huawei is known as the most trusted technology master, globally. Recently, Huawei and Vodafone have successfully tested a Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN) at Sidney’s largest stadium, ANZ Stadium. The Trial was meant to test the technology so that the areas or locations with heavy traffics can experience smooth internet. The collaboration of Huawei and Vodafone has turned out to be a success as the results of the said trial are quite fascinating. Using the RAN technology the quality and speed of internet increased by 28% on the edge cells and overall the average increase of data speed for other cells recorded 25%.

These are significantly better results and both Huawei and Vodafone ready to implement the technology within 18 months duration to benefit the customers. Huawei has been the most reliable partner as well as the most amazing innovator in the technology world. Similarly, the RAN technology has worked out to enable the coordination among the base stations in such a way that the interference between the stations is minimized. And the result is better quality and data speed. This technology will enable the customers to enjoy their connectedness with the world in a better and smooth fashion.

Although this collaboration between Huawei and Vodafone is restricted to Australia, but Huawei has intentions to serve a larger number of people through its innovative approach and best products. Huawei’s GM for Pakistan, said, “We are looking forward to bring innovative solutions alongside the best products in Pakistan as well, so that our loyal customers may experience the high standard connectedness.”

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