Y6 Pro Offers A New Taste To The Artistic Approach Of Photography

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High quality Camera in a smart phone is a real boon for the photography lovers, particularly for the customers who are obsessed with taking selfies.Huawei, the leading technology master in the world, has offered its customers a new taste of artistic satisfaction in the photography and the video making world, through Huawei Y6 Pro. Huawei has always valued the customers’ needs and their orientations, no matter which aspect of technology they want. Y6 Pro is an upcoming Huawei smart phone that will be an ultimate alternative of a professional camera.


Huawei Y6 has an exciting combination of rear and front camera, mostly the usual practice of smart phone manufacturer. The rear Camera in Huawei Y6 Pro has 13MP resolution for the sake of capturing fantastic pictures anytime, anywhere. Y6 Pro is a blend of creativity and technicality, along with a perfect combination of 7P lens, Focal point of 2.0, and a 2 tier dark light design of the rear camera. This combination of delicate units makes photography a real fun with Y6 Pro. These are the very same camera features that one describes while talking about professional photography. The Meticulous craftiness of Huawei is evident with a multi layer back camera, in which the black print layer is covered with a NCVM film, that is further ordered in the following manner; transparent spin line, AR film, transparent glass, AR film and anti-fingerprint film.

These specifications are further enhanced with the larger aperture mode,that has more background effects- these visualizations are well on their way to beat the DSLR camera to fill. Furthermore, Huawei understands the importance of small moments of joy and happenings and allows its consumers to capture these memories with a camera, with an efficient snap capturing feature in Huawei Y6 Pro. The ultra fast snapshot mode in Huawei Y6 Pro can capture a moment in less than 0.8 second, and this is much faster than any other smart phone Camera in the market. Now consumers do not have to worry about missing the best or memorable moments of their life just due to the shortness of the time. Instead, customers of Huawei brand can capture sharp images in a moment.

A crucial moment is when a snap is ruined just because of the excessive backlight,that dims the image and makes it uninteresting.The pictures thus captured by Huawei Y6 Pro bring out the best quality with vivid and crystal clear results. Moreover,with a single click of the Huawei Y6 Pro camera, users can enjoy the best photography experience. And if one loves Panorama mode of the Camera, he must be aware that Huawei Y6 Pro’s panorama mode has such a wide scope that it can offer coverage of an entire football field.

Similarly, the front camera is another special thing with Huawei Y6 Pro. Front camera in Y6 Pro has 5MP resolution, F2.2 Aperture with an 84 degree wide angle coupled with high-density sensors. Huawei Y6 Pro front camera also provides 5 million pixels, thus, allowing selfies of a higher quality for the user. In the front with smart skin beauty features Huawei Y6 Pro brings 10 level auto face enhancement options and a range of photo editing option. Taking a step further, Huawei has also incorporated the feature of watermarking photographs, making the entertainment and a fun nonstop treat for the Huawei brand lovers.

It is strongly expected that the Huawei Y6 Pro will beat all the previous records of the business, especially in the Pakistani market where, Huawei’s flagship smart phablet Mate 8 has already marked its impression of success.

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