The Wedding Planit; a Boom in Transformation of the Event Planning

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Do you ever imagine that marriage season is on in your home and you are literally becoming relaxed folk as couch potato? Literally, answer will be no! Obviously, we all are aware of a lot of hustle bustle in the arrangements of wedding and it’s all conjoint festive. But seemingly this won’t be a problem anymore!

Recently, we came across a startup that got incubated at Pasha’s tech incubator, the Nest i/o naming as the wedding Planit. Simply it can be illustrated as one of the lavish startup that facilitates you to arrange all wishful wedding or any event handily without roaming around in whole city.


To start off, this is the venture founded by Sharjeel Ahmad along with his team members Riaz Ahmed, Nawaz Gabol, Arooba Qamar and Shahbaz Khan that brilliantly aims to eradicate the stress from the wedding planning process and make it more joyful than ever so that could always spread smiles even in memories after several years.

The wedding Planit team designs all event either from Mehndi to Receptions, Venues to decorators, Salon and spa to caterers or photographers in a way that one wants. Whether one want to make it trendy or modish, simple or else embossed with a sensational effect, this is the startup comes up with the best service to match all needs.

To get things done while having your feet in home, one just need to go to the website, find a suitable vendor listed on the website as per the requirement and it will direct you straight towards the specific packages from which you can choose the stuff desired for the event and that is too in discounted bundles.

However, apart from single service order, one can make bundles as per the requirements of event, venue and date. Have a look at the glimpse of the mechanism how it works!


Moreover, this portal invites vendors to get collaborated with the startup in provision of services in all categories. By filling out few details, vendor could easily connect with the startup so that customers would get best deals in town.


So far, there  are quite a lot cluster of startups appeared on map but The wedding Planit is first of its kind endeavor that aims to change the way weddings are planned in Pakistan by introducing the smarter way to plan to help couples and their families save time and money.

However, starting the ravishing services in Karachi, this startup will soon land in Lahore and Islamabad to spread more smiles while aiming to take up new vendors leading to other range of wedding services in near future.

So to get your event planned, catch up with the The Wedding Planit!

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