Sparklist Makes It to the TOP 3 Most Installed Apps in Pakistan

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Only one week after the official launch of Sparklist, the classifieds mobile app was already ranked among the top 3 most installed apps in the Pakistani Google Play Store. It currently holds the 5th place.


The app is available all over Pakistan, with most listings coming from Lahore and Karachi, followed by Islamabad. The Sparklist marketplace already offers 2,000 listings posted by users, amounting to a value of over 40 Million PKR in items being sold. The most prominent categories of listings are Women’s Fashion and Electronics. But different products start to call attention, such as handicrafts, and pre-owned cars.

The key behind the fast success of Sparklist is innovation. We have integrated to e-commerce the most fundamental aspect of trading, that still lacks in other online marketplaces – social interaction. With Sparklist, not only can users discover products in their surroundings, but also bargain and interact with sellers. This helps building trust during the transactions. Interaction is a trait that is deeply embedded in many cultures, especially in countries like Pakistan’, – Nalla Karunanithy, Sparklist’s Founder and Global Managing Director

Dynamics in the online market change fast and the platform is able to constantly adapt the product to new markets and users expectations. “Our aim is to move fast and grow consistently in strategic markets. Being first movers will give us immense competitive advantage” adds Karunanithy, who already has plans to expand the business into other regions.

About Sparklist

Sparklist is a classifieds mobile app that connects buyers and sellers in the same area. Buyers can browse through different categories and find a wide variety of goods. Sellers list their product by snapping a photo with their smartphone and directly post it, with price and description. As an additional feature, the platform allows users to chat, negotiate prices and build trust.

The company is supported by Rocket Internet, which wants to become the world’s largest Internet platform outside of the United States and China, and has already built other successful companies in the region, such as Kaymu and Daraz.

Download the Sparklist Android app here.

In few words!

The entry of Sparklist is going to give some serious competition to online marketplaces like OLX. More competition can mean more choices for consumers. However, we believe that in the Pakistani context, some functionality that allows for vetting out buyers and sellers can prove to be a game-changer for such apps. Like a ‘Reputation meter’ and ‘previous buyer history’ that can help weed out fraudsters and other unscrupulous elements one is sure to run into at a sprawling online marketplace. Lets hope someone makes the app more buyer-centric. Security and peace of mind is the killer app here.

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