PTCL Partners with Akamai to Make your Internet Connection Much Faster

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PTCL has announced a strategic partnership with Akamai Technologies, Inc. aimed to boost broadband experience in the country. The partnership shall further enrich video and mobile content delivery in the country by leveraging Akamai’s globally-distributed Intelligent Platform to deliver its solutions.


As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers across all devices.  This partnership is intended to enable PTCL broadband subscribers to enjoy faster and higher-quality Internet experience.

Adding CDN capacity will help PTCL serve content from within network, making content delivery fasterz

Under the agreement, PTCL will implement the Akamai Accelerated Networks Program (AANP) across its nationwide telecommunications infrastructure, comprising fiber-optic backbone and state-of-art digital exchanges. The partnership also entails hosting Akamai Solutions across PTCL infrastructure that is designed to optimize network operations and data handling, allowing wider network coverage for content delivery.

Through the partnership, Akamai caching servers will be installed inside PTCL’s network data centers and they will help serve customers content from within the network, saving up on network transit costs. As a result, the more popular the content, the faster and more reliably customers can get it.

Commenting on the partnership, Kamal Ahmed, Chief Digital Services Officer PTCL said,

“We believe the new partnership with Akamai will enable us to deliver higher level of Internet user experience to customers and further consolidate PTCL’s leadership position in the broadband market.

PTCL, as the ICT leader in Pakistan, is continuously striving to offer enhanced digital experience, raising the bar on performance expectations, and drive customer satisfaction through integration of cutting-edge ICT platforms.

This new investment in Akamai’s state-of-the-art CDN solutions is reflective of PTCL’s commitment to provide next-generation digital experience in Pakistan.”

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