Samsung Electronics Demonstrates Leadership in Monitor Innovation and Design in the region

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today showcased a full lineup of innovative monitors at the 2015 Samsung MENA Forum in Antalya. The cutting-edge solutions include curved and Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitors — most notably, the SE790C, SD590C, UD970 and SD850 — that feature unparalleled advancements in technology and design to deliver an immersive, comfortable, seamless and brilliant viewing experience.


Led by the SE790C and SD590C, the latest range of advanced curved monitors from Samsung delivers the ultimate in comfortable and immersive viewing. The monitors’ modern, minimalistic designs also ensure there are no distractions for enhanced productivity. Along with these feature-packed curved monitors, Samsung’s UD970 and SD850 UHD monitors reflect unmatched color accuracy, stunningly realistic colors and detailed, high-pixel imaging for life-like images and more accurate color representation.

“Our latest suite of industry-leading solutions creates new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike through innovations in curvature, picture quality and resolution, design and integration,” said Mr. Choong Ro Lee, President of Samsung Middle East and North Africa. “We look forward to showcasing our vision for the future at Samsung MENA Forum and exploring new opportunities to drive advancement and imagination.”

Consumers are now able to bring Samsung’s leading curved design and technology into the home or office with the company’s lineup of curved monitors. The new curved monitors provide a comfortable viewing experience with screens that closely match the natural curve of the eye. The curved lineup includes the flagship monitor, the 34-inch SE790C, which features an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, as well as the 27-inch SD590C. These monitors are expected to bring curved monitors into the mainstream, thanks to their ability to offer a more engaging viewing experience.

The award-winning SE790C has an optimized curvature, Ultra Wide Quad HD resolution and a superior contrast ratio. Through the integration of these benefits with the monitor’s productivity- and entertainment-enhancing functions, there is a noticeably different viewing experience from flat screens or competing curved monitors. The SE790C was recently recognized with the “Award for Samsung’s Curved Monitor Validation with Eye Comfort” from TÜV Rheinland, a leading international certification organization, following a rigorous performance evaluation and validation process. The validation process evaluated the monitor’s color presentation and uniformity, wide-viewing angle and flicker-free operation.

In addition, the SD590C curved monitor feature an advanced eye mode for seamless and rich multimedia consumption. The monitor’s sophisticated design and T-shaped, height-adjustable stand (HAS) ensures nothing distracts from the screen content for ultimate entertainment or productivity. Samsung’s first-ever professional UHD monitor, the 31.5-inch UD970, provides creative professionals with the ultimate viewing experience for improved creativity, efficiency and engagement. As an industry-leading LED monitor featuring 99.5 percent Adobe RGB color support and dual-color mode display options, the UD970 allows for extremely accurate color representation and decreased output errors when printing. The meticulous factory calibration, professional design functionality and hassle-free, customizable screen adjustment result in a responsive and best-in-class experience.

For professionals, Samsung Electronics also will showcase its 32-inch SD850 Business Monitor. Setting the new standard for business monitors, the SD850 is designed for business professionals looking for improved content creation and work productivity. Offering Wide Quad HD resolution, the monitor’s exquisite and functional design meets professional customers’ intensifying productivity and quality needs.

Consumers looking for a conventional, yet beautifully-designed and eye-friendly curved monitor to define their workspace should look no further than the Samsung SE360 (27-inch model) and SE390 (23.6-inch and 27-inch models) mainstream monitors. Featuring a slim bezel, T-shaped stand and the new Touch of Color technology, the SE360 and SE390 deliver brilliant picture quality, minimize eye strain and are energy efficient. Furthermore, the monitors are equipped with a 178 degree wide-viewing angle, an eye-saver mode with soft blue light, and flicker-free technology. Utilizing a clean and modern design construction, the monitors provide a safe and memorable viewing experience.


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