Digital Commerce; Simsim Aims a Holistic Approach To Digitize Payment Modes

Digital commerce
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SimSim, Pakistan’s first leading free mobile wallet, is revolutionizing digital commerce growth in Pakistan. SimSim is adding two new services for its valuable users, the ‘Door-Step’ cash-in service and a collaboration with TCS (courier service), introducing SimSim as a payment method for cash on delivery (COD). As a unique banking solution among all the digital wallet players in the market, SimSim is committed to providing innovative services for the ease of its clients.

The ‘Door-Step’ cash-in service by SimSim is a new feature, available on request for SimSim account holders based in Lahore. If users do not have cash in their SimSim wallets, they can conveniently avail this door-to-door service and request cash to be deposited in their mobile wallets, at their door step, without any charges for the pilot. The cash deposit limit available to the users of this unique cash service is from PKR 500 to PKR 5000. All one needs to enter is the amount and their address to request for this service. Talking about this ground breaking mobile wallet application, Mr. Qasif Shahid, CEO & Co-Founder of SimSim Pakistan said, “…SimSim is not simply a product or an app, rather it is a movement to free digital commerce in Pakistan…”

Another new and exciting development is the partnership of SimSim Pakistan and TCS that enables SimSim users based in Lahore to experience cashless COD services that can be paid through their mobile wallets. It is a very simple process whereby once the shipment has been received through TCS, the rider will display a QR code to the customer, who will open SimSim on his/her mobile phone and will select ‘Scan & Pay’ to confirm the amount, after which he/she will make the payment. Payments can be made with just a click and customers will also receive a one-time cash back of Rs.300 on an invoice of more than Rs.1000.

The cashless COD service is developed to overcome the issue of mobility as people had to have cash ready at all times to receive a shipment. For this they had to personally visit their banks/ATM’s to get cash. However, with this breakthrough collaboration, a digital funds transfer is possible between the retailer and customer bringing about a seamless digital payment revolution.

SimSim aims to transform conventional methods of payment by providing breakthrough digital banking solutions. This state-of-the-art and continuously improving application offers an array of services to its customers including free fund transfers, instant utility bill and mobile top up payments, exciting merchant discounts and many more. SimSim’s mission is to enable branchless banking via a digital wallet that is accessible 24/7.

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