Warid; Taking Active Drive in SIMs’ Biometric Re-verification Procedure

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In the light of recent events the telecom industry is actively taking part in biometric re-verification drive across the nation, Warid has also taken a prominent drive.

In this niche, Warid Telecom’s Director Corporate Affairs Mr.Omer Haider said,

“National security remains our primary concern and I urge the public to proactively contribute to securing our nation through the biometric verification of their SIMS. To increase the convenience for our valued customers we have introduced the first of its kind service whereby a customer can find the status of their SIM verification by simply dialing 321 helpline”.


Warid Telecom has stepped ahead to facilitate its customers by setting up a number of biometric SIM verification devices at corporate offices, colleges, health clubs, hospitals, public places as well as press clubs in major cities.

This is in addition to the consistent efforts at all Warid Business Centres, franchises, and retailers.


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