Top Pakistani Tiktokers 2022

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We all are aware of how the platform of TikTok is booming. Along with the video-sharing and money-making platform YouTube, TikTok is a social media app that allows users to share videos of themselves with the world. Whether you’re a musician, comedian, artist, or just like to make videos for fun, people are making great use of it. Pakistani Tiktokers are not behind in the race. With millions of active users, TikTok in Pakistan is having massive growth and becoming a better place to share your talent and connect with other creators.

Catching the glamor of this platform, there are several names of TikTokers came that share interesting content for their fans. Under this post, we will share the names of top Pakistani Tiktokers 2022 who are the center of attention for most of the people at Tiktok. Let us have a look at some of the names of Tiktokers in Pakistan who are making to the top with immense followers.

1. Jannat Mirza

She is securing the top position in the list of Pakistani Tiktoker 2022 as having 18.1 million followers with 10.6 million likes in the last month. Her account is filled with fashion and lifestyle as well as branded content. She is doing reviews for different renowned brands and influencing millions of people through her Tiktok profile.



18.1 million


486 million

2. Kanwal

Kanwal is one of the top Pakistani Tiktokers in 2022 possessing 14.9 million followers with 532 million likes on her account. Her account is all filled with the interesting content with great entertainment posts. The Tiktoker Kanwal has gained 16.7 million likes in the last 30 days.



14.9 million


532.1 million

3. Alishba Anjum

One of the top Pakistani Tiktokers is Alishba Anjum having 14.2 million followers. Her fan base adores her videos portraying fun and entertainment all along. Her count of likes is 402.9 million on the Tiktok account. She attained 8.1 million likes in the last 30 days.



14.2 million


402.9 million

4. Zulqarnain Sikandar

The name of Zulqarnain appears at the top among the renowned Pakistani Tiktokers. Currently, he is having 13.9 million followers with 678 million likes on his profile. With the mixed posts on his account, he is grasping the attention of viewers really well. With the prominent growth rate, he has gained 9.6 million likes in the last 30 days.



13.9 million


678 million

5. Ali Khan

Ali Khan with the name of Ali Hyderabdi creates joy-filled content to attract the viewers at TikTok. His account is currently having 8.9 million followers with 879.7 million likes. With eye-grabbing content, his posts are managing to get more views and likes overall.



12.8 million


879.8 million

6. Dolly

Dolly is a fashion and lifestyle Tiktoker in Pakistan carrying a strong follower base of 11.2 million with 310.6 million likes on her posts. Her fans appreciate her lively content all over her feed and all these vibes make them glued to her account.



11.2 million


310.7 million

7. Usman Asim

Usman Asim is securing the position under top 10 Pakistani Tiktokers 2022 as having 10.3 million followers with 394.45 million likes. His humorous content is what people like most and keeps coming back to his account. The rapid growth of Usman Asim is truly an appreciative one!



10.3 million


394.5 million

8. Areeka Haq

One of the top names of Tiktokers in Pakistan is Areeka. She posts about fashion, lifestyle and brands that attracted millions of people to her feed. Currently, she is having 9.9 million followers with over 278 million likes on her account. She gained 2.6 million likes in the last month.



9.9 million


278.1 million

9. Phoolllu

When it comes to Tiktok Pakistan, the name of phoolllu comes on the list as well. He posts a variety of content and grabbed 8.7 million followers with 358.7 million likes. People like to see his content that gives the vibes and beauty of remote areas.



8.7 million


358.9 million

10. Romaisa Khan

With all her expressive videos, Romaisa Khan is a famous Tiktoker of Pakistan who has 5.8 million followers with 126.9 million likes on her Tiktok account. Her funfilled and glamorous videos talk out loud and people appreciate her work to a greater extent.



5.8 million


127 million

With all the above stats, it is visible that Tiktok in Pakistan is going through rapid growth and Tiktokers in Pakistan are gaining great reputation across the country. It is anticipated that more brands will explore the influencer marketing via the medium of Tiktok in the near future.

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