Launches its Operations in Islamabad

Spread the love is launching its operations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with a bucket of over 300 restaurants. A last mile logistics company, having been based in Lahore since its inception, believes that it is the right time to expand geographically into other cities of Pakistan, with Islamabad being the first on the list. The expansion to Islamabad, with the aim to provide users with a greater customer experience than the alternatives, supports the long term growth plans of to become the leader of the industry.

After spearheading e-commerce firms like and, Ahmed Khan, the CEO of, launched the company in 2015, in the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore. Initially, starting off as a food delivery service that caused a storm in the industry, the business expanded vertically into providing logistics for other goods, namely books, cosmetics and healthcare.

“When planning to launch in Lahore, as a company that understands the needs of the local community better than anyone else in the industry, the goal was always to be a national player in the market rather than just limiting ourselves to one specific region. After having perfected our base of operations, and having molded our services into a unique value proposition that our customers are looking for, we feel the time is right to move into the capital. As a market, Islamabad offers a great opportunity for us to grow and make our brand into a community that the people of Pakistan can associate themselves with for years to come,”says Khan. has captured a significant portion of Lahore’s market by creating a brand which is synonymous with quality and timely delivery. The plan for the company, now, is to expand into other metropolitan cities, with Islamabad as first on the map, and then strategically spreading into smaller cities.

“This is a challenge that we’ve been waiting to take on for a while now. Having developed a roadmap by bringing in technology to streamline restaurant-vendor communication, vendor-rider management and payment solutions, the time is right to evolve. Islamabad, and the cities that follow it, will pose a new challenge for us, but a challenge we are more than equipped to handle and take on. Given that we started planning a country wide launch with Lahore as a benchmark, we’re looking forward to serving the audience of Islamabad with the same values that have proven to be a success,” stated Moeez Karim, Chief Fulfillment Officer,

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