Azauj-a Matrimonial Service is Set to Match Soul Mates Responsibly

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So how, there are several startups aiming to fulfill the needs with innovative thoughts while being incubated under technology accelerators. Now under the Plan9 incubator, Azauj has been getting its belt ready for reaching out to people.


Coming straight to the point, Azauj is a matrimonial service that aims to solve so many problems by bringing out the soul matching idea for the first time in Pakistan which respects whole privacy, values and candidates’ preferences and  accordingly they intend to finds the most suitable matches. As initiated, Azauj has been taking profiles of candidates (Ladies only) at Facebook group here that are looking for their soul mates.

Thus, this is the idea by professionals that is all set for #PlanxDemoday intended to solve the hurdles that one faces in finding the ideal life partners. However, the idea of Matrimonial Social Event has been introduced by Azauj and teasers can be seen out at their #Twitter page. Stay tuned to check with us for more.



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