Forgetfulness at its Peak in Pakistan on 1st June 2018; Uber’s Lost and Found Initiative

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We’ve all done it. Forgotten something important or of value in a cab, a plane, or indeed an Uber. We’re also no stranger to the sinking feeling we go through in that moment of realization. And while it is fantastically easy to get your lost items back from your Uber, this year’s Lost & Found Index highlights some of the most absent minded riders in the region.

Providing a glimpse into what our riders most commonly forget, the index also lists some of the more surprising items they tend to leave behind inadvertently. It also identifies the most forgetful cities, as well as the day of the week when riders are at their forgetful best, or worst.

As per this index for MENAP region (Middle East, North Africa & Pakistan), on June 1 2018 forgetfulness was at its peak in Pakistan – riders throughout the country forgot the most items on this day in their Ubers. Pakistan follows trends of the rest of the region with backpacks being the most forgotten item, followed by mobile phones.

However, the best news coming out of this index is the fact that none of Pakistan’s cities make the top 5 in the ‘Top 10 Most Forgetful Cities’ list; Riyadh takes the top slot, followed closely by Cairo and Jeddah with Dubai placed at number five and Lahore at number six.  Karachi and Islamabad come in at 8 and 9, respectively. 

As for the days and times we seem to be most forgetful these tend to be towards the end of the week, as on Thursdays and Saturdays, between 1300 Hrs and 1500 Hrs our absent mindedness peaks.  

When it comes to unique items forgotten in Ubers across the MENAP region, Pakistan certainly takes the prize, as one rider forgot a cat, while another forgot their denture.  

With Mercury falling into retrograde, over the past year we’ve seen our riders forget backpacks, phones, cameras and even jewelry! But the good news is that it is very easy to get back your forgotten items through the Uber app by simply tapping “Your Trips” and selecting the trip where you left something behind, then tapping “I lost an item”, following which you can contact the driver to get your prized possessions back. You can also watch this video for more details.

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