; Solely Women’s Online Market and Community

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Well, this is not the hidden aspect now that world is literally becoming a global village while fulfilling all our worldly needs without even leaving a place. Those were quite old times when women have to get their feet in markets for long while roaming around half of the day just to get all desired stuff. But world has changed now!

Pakistan's First Women Only Portal!

Pakistan’s First Women Only Portal!

Not taking up your time for long now, we are coming straight to the recent startup that is merely a symbol of women’s community and amazingly as expected, the brain behind this startup is of emerging and brilliant female entrepreneur named Nadia Patel Gangjee who is also Executive committee member at ladies fund.

Basically, is a startup incubated under Pasha’s tech incubator Nest i/o and have started its journey as the first ever women shopping and selling portal that is not just limited to only exchange of goods but sharing of ideas, building a business as well as finding friends to connect and socializing with the members is a big plus of this ground-breaking portal.

Simply, it is the Pakistan’s first women-only ‘peer to peer’ marketplace that facilitates women to connect, buy, sell, swap and rent goods and services leading to make more money to have it in the closet!

This is the startup that is offering its services either of selling, renting out, swaping, giving away or pre-orders for all the categories as per concerning to women’s departs. These include, clothing, fashion accessories, beauty and health, kids and babies, as well as whole lifestyle and home apparels that are up and about to amaze women community solely and that is too at their own place.

However, to get invite for becoming a member of Sheops community, one has to register at website by filling out initial details with CNIC number, business or brand name, website or Fb page along with email Id and address details. With this registration; women would get membership for this online portal getting all the activities done more conveniently.

However, the startup is currently in expansion mode while hiring brilliant folks for their work desks. Thoroughly, it can be said that with this endeavor, is ready to create waves in startup world that would further empower women’s arena of business and communities.

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