Top 10 Freelancing Skills for 2019

Freelancing skills
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It is rightly said that learning never stops specially in freelancing when everyone has so much to offer and you must compete surpassing every individual to be picked up for better opportunities.

We live in a technical era where one must keep himself updated about advancements in technology or else, he would end up being obsolete and outdated. If you are opting freelancing as a career, here are some must do skills you need to master.

1. Coding

IT industry is at boom these days and coding has become one of the essential skills to succeed in freelancing career. Coders are in high demand and they get smart salaries/pay as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Come out from your comfort zone and start practicing programming. There are infinite ways to polish your coding chops before your skills get expired.

2. Excel

Excel has it all that requires to prepare data. It offers countless ways to make the amending process as soothing as possible. Even having a basic expertise would be a great time saver. Excel is the hottest software skill in today’s technical world,

So, whether you’re looking for statistics, charts or plotting data, keeping track of financial data and reviewing inventory, excel is the top-notch skill for your resume.

3. Writing

One of the top 10 freelancing skills for 2019 is to seize the web user to your website by appealing and elaborative content. Writing captivates not only traffic to your website, but it shows that how you are truly interactive on a numb medium. Quality writers are in great demand in today’s cut throat web relied era.

4. Project Management

Project Management deals with scheduling tasks and people as now a days, teams spread in different countries, so a well-trained resource is required to check the status of project each day with an additional check of budget.

Even though its non-technical skill, it earns a lot on freelancing platforms.

5. Web and Mobile Development

Web development counts as one of the top 10 freelancing skills for 2019 as web has become the most engrossing medium in this era. Since the use of touch phones increasing, people are getting closer to apps and hence not only getting benefits of single click approach but getting traffic as well.

6. Data Entry

If you have basic skills of handling computer, you can opt data entry skill for freelancing. It often requires accuracy, good command over English and last but not the least a good typing speed.

If you own a gadget and an area to work, you are ready to get paid for being top 10 freelancing skills for 2019.

7. Consultancy

Consultancy skill does not only help with some extra income but that is too with flexible time and availability of yours. Often foreign investors hire freelance consultants to get their services and advice.

8. Recruiters

Recruitment is yet another one of the top 10 freelancing skills for 2019. Freelance recruiters are often experienced professionals who want to utilize their skill in their feasible timings. Being aware of the process of the tech industry, they know market needs and hence add value to the client’s business by hiring right candidate for them.

9. Editing

Editing videos or content to attract the familiar and related users to the website or to YouTube, has become emerging trend these days. Editors apply different techniques to attract target viewers to gain traffic. Companies often hire freelance editors as per their needs and requirements.

10. Graphic Designing

Most of the companies do not look for full time graphic designers, instead they hire freelancers. It does not only provide with lot of options but with different options to work with. It is indeed the most outsourced job in tech industry.

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