Hashmanis; Paving Ways for Eye Care in Pakistan

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Undoubtedly, in most of the countries across the globe, health sector is getting developed thoroughly and immensely over a period of time. This development has lead to an increased life expectancy and lifestyle of the families across the scale. However, eyesight issues are also being highlighted to create awareness among people and make them escaped from a serious problem.

In Pakistan, though the health sector is growing gradually but still 50% of the people get affected by eye illness and usually take the issue for granted until it causes a serious trouble or blindness (in some cases).

For the problems of short and far sightedness, people are dependent on glasses that also lead to irritate in many of the situation. To cope up with this problem, Topo guided Lasik is the well known procedure of the advanced treatment of eye care that is really beneficial for the patients having refractive issues.

This effective Topo Guided Lasik is a refractive procedure that enables the patients to get rid of the optical glasses for life time without any pain. Other than it, the whole procedure is hassle free that only takes 10-15 minutes overall. However, after–care step is also easier as patient just has to take a nap of about 4 to 6 hours after which daily routine can be resumed without any need of wearing glasses.

Overall, this is an incredible procedure that seems like a miracle to people who are bored and irritated with their specs. Right now, this Topo Guided Lasik procedure is being offered by Hashmanis hospital that has done around 50,000 procedures successfully.

So far, Hashmanis have seven hospitals within their name and offering all the guidance and detailed checkups to patients. Furthermore, considering the convenience aspect of patients, Hashmanis hospital is providing all information regarding topo-guided Lasik through Skype given by the panel of qualified professionals.

Few days back, Hshmanis hospital did a topo-guided surgery that got viral via Facebook Live feature and attained a massive response. This surgery video was shown to people to explain about the whole LASIK procedure and to make them understand its ease and effectiveness. This video can be watched by going through the Hashmanis Facebook page.

It is good to see that Pakistan has such a leading hospital which is offering the hassle free surgery without damaging retina or lens. Hashmanis is greatly playing the role in developing the eye care sector thoroughly and making lives of people easier by giving them clear vision.

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