Health and Wellness Centre Inaugurated at LUMS

Health and Wellness center
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Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi on behalf of LUMS signed an MOU with National Hospital and Medical Centre (NHMC) to develop and operate a “Health and Wellness Centre” on the University’s premises for the provision of Emergency Medical Services to all members of the LUMS Community.

Within three months of the MOU being signed, the Health and Wellness Centre was inaugurated and is now fully operational to the entire LUMS community. The inauguration was attended by important members from LUMS among them being Vice Chancellor, Prof.Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi, Chief Operating Officer,Ms. Nabiha Shahnawaz, Dean of Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering,Dr. Shahid Masud, Head of Finance and Accounts, Zunair Zafar, Senior Manager Procurement, Muhammad Iqbal, Head of Human Resources, Asif Iqbal, Muhammad and Director General Administration and Services, Muhammad Amer Khan Durrani,

The Centre was inaugurated by Dr. Shahida Khawaja, CEO NHMC. At the ceremony, Dr. Khawaja spoke about the absolute need to have quick and effective treatment on the premises. She said, “All the basic facilities for urgent care are present on-spot for the entire LUMS community.”

Talking about the importance of the Centre, Dr. Naqvi said, “It was imperative for the LUMS family to have a Health and Wellness Centre for emergency cases. There will be ambulances available to take more serious cases to the National Hospital. The Centre will especially be important for preventive campaigns to take better care of the students.”

NHMC will offera state-of-the-art medical care facility to LUMS Community and will also ensure the operations and management of the Centre since the University does not possess the requisite expertise.The centre will cater to all first aid medical situations on campus, while those that require further treatment or diagnosis will be referred to NHMC. The facility is planned to be active 24 hours, 7 days a week including all national holidays. The Centre will comprise of a doctor and two staff members, beds for patients, basic emergency equipment, basic medicines and an active ambulance service.

“This is a step towards a better, healthier, and more comprehensive campus climate for all those who contribute in making LUMS a leading institution in Pakistan. The inauguration of a 24/7 clinic on campus is setting an example to institutional leaders that as a nation we must value inclusive-excellence which includes physical, mental and emotional well-being for each individual as part of our core mission of educational institutions,” commented Hiba Zakai, Campus Climate Manager, Dean of Student Affairs Office. Ms. Zakai believes this agreement will benefit the students the most and especially those living in hostels since immediate and quality medical care will be readily available whereas until now students had to be transported to the nearest hospital in case of emergency.

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