PAAPAM’s Skill development Centre (PSDC) Offering Valuable Training Sessions at The Pakistan Auto Show 2018

The Auto Show 2018
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The Pakistan Auto Show 2018 exhibition being held at the Lahore Expo Centre from 2nd to 4th March 2018 will also serve as a platform for trainings and conferences that include some of the leading professionals and trainers from within the automotive industry. Some of these valuable training sessions will include:

Mr. Tariq Ahmed Khan’s lecture on the Toyota Production System. Mr. Abdur Razzaq Gohar will explain the role of “Integrated System of Management”, while Mr. Haseeb Tahir will make a presentation on Lean 5S and Mr. Naveed Ahmed Khan will speak on the “Global Best Practices in the automotive Industry”.

Mr. Muhammad Tahir will discuss “The challenges faced by road transport, their impact on efficiencies on different entities”. Mr. Ariel Danez will discuss the “Quality of Air for Automotive Paint Shop”. Mr. Mian Ashfaq Ali will discuss “The Electric vehicles-future electro mobility: challenges & prospects” and Professor Dr. Riaz Mufti will speak about: “Test rigs & automated inspection”.  Towards the end of the conference, Mr. Kaiser J. Khatana will talk about “Road safety – Aimed at vehicles’ safety”.

Mr Rehan member of the Organizing committee stated that  PAAPAM as an association is endeavoring to provide valuable technical insights to the PAPS2018 audience.  He requested interested visitors to participate in the seminars in Hall 1 conference room # 2.

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