Yet Another Heartthrob Amanat Ali Steals the Show At University of South Asia Lahore

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Without a doubt, Huawei Live has succeeded in creating an atmosphere of entertainment and fun all around the country.  Youngsters are overwhelmed with the opportunity itself and cherry on the top is the chance to meet their favorite celebrities personally. After breathtaking performances by Ali Sethi and Nabeel Shaukat during their visits to local universities; Amanat Ali takes the lead.


On Friday, Amanat Ali’s mesmerizing presence was witnessed at University of South Asia, Lahore; the crowd’s reaction was a testament to his status as a youth heartthrob. He stole the show with his live singing and was humble enough to guide a few students to fine-tune their singing skills as well. Students were thrilled over the moon to have him amongst them for hours.

Huawei Live is a groundbreaking opportunity for people who are blessed with a signing talent. Anyone with the desire to be part of this mega extravaganza needs to look out for the one-of-a-kind Huawei Live Float, visiting their Universities and markets nearby and have their voices auditioned. For those who missed the Float somehow, may record their songs using Huawei Live application.

The shortlisted songs would then be uploaded in Huawei Live application for audiences’ voting. The initially shortlisted contestants would qualify for final auditions out of which 3 finalists will be chosen by the judges. The Huawei Live application would provide coverage and insights of the campaign as well.

This venture of Huawei has surpassed expectations in terms of response from the youth by providing immersive opportunity for the younger generation to groom their singing skills and meet their true potential.

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