10th DIGITALK session on Non-Profits and Social Media

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The tenth session of DIGITALK, a monthly digital forum, was organized by TEC in Lahore. It addressed an issue not much spoken about in public before. The session was themed around Non-Profits and Social Media: Believe it or not, your non-profit is a brand.” In collaboration with Pakistan US Alumni Network Lahore and Punjab Information Technology Board whereas Diamond foam supported the cause of building digital community in Pakistan.

The session started with the welcome address of Mr. Zain Majid, CEO TEC. Mr. Majid mentioned many universities reached out to them and requested to have DIGITALK sessions at their premises, for this purpose they are opening memberships to reach out masses to strengthen the digital ecosystem in Pakistan.

Ms. Fatima Arif, Sr Digital Media Manager, WWF Pakistan gave her presentation and shared her insight about how to present your organization on digital media. She explained 6 points that are essential to make your presence effective on social media. Mr. Sohaib Iqbal, Founder, The Little Art, started off his talk with a video of events organized by his organization. He made the point that gaining sympathy is not always the strategy to attract your audience. Also he clarified that The Little Art is for all regardless of sect or socioeconomic status. Both of the speakers talked about the frequency and quality of content that organizations need to share appropriately in order to gain attention of targeted audience. They shed light on the factors that are important to create a branded social media strategy.

After that Mr. Iftikhar Husain, Co-Founder TEC and President, Pakistan US Alumni Network Lahore moderated the panel discussion with two of guest speakers. It was an interactive session where participants asked questions, put forth recommendations and suggestions.

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