Huawei outshines Apple in Design Innovation and Color Perfection

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Having its roots in China, Huawei is emerging as the global leading technology brand. With its latest wonderful, smart device in the market, Huawei has set an open challenge for previous tech market leaders like Apple and Samsung. After being primarily revealed at IFA, Berlin, Mate S has won positive reviews from the technology critics all over the world. Owing to the excellent quality materials used in device manufacturing, Huawei has successfully created Mate S with premium hardware, excellent design and solid sleek structure. The Huawei watch has also become the most sought after since it was introduced at IFA, as it has been masterly designed and produced using Sapphire glass to look breathtakingly magnificent.


Huawei takes the winning trophy from Apple, not only in design innovation, but in color perfection as well. Huawei’s Mate S, though, has the same size screen; it is actually slimmer than the iPhone. Talking about color perfection, Huawei’s Pink version is all pink, head to toe. Whereas, the new iPhone, available in pink, Rose Gold as they call it, is only pink on the aluminum part and the front carries the white color. This difference was also pointed out by Huawei on their Twitter account and the tweet was “#HuaweiMateS in #RoseGold, from head to toe”. On the other hand Huawei Mate S features all pink body, front and back and even the antenna lines, which make them, look blended with the rest in contrast to the lines on the iPhones.

Prior to the launch of Mate S, it was quite known that Huawei’s coming prodigy would carry the latest pressure sensitive force touch screen. Although, Apple was the first to announce that they are planning to induce this technology in their new iPhones, but Huawei took the limelight by launching it before hand at IFA. This technology has been used by both the companies in different ways, Apple, naming it as 3D Touch, has used over all its OS, to create additional functions emerge from app icons and without actually opening the app for seeing a preview in them.

On the other hand, Huawei has taken it to the next level by making this app more useful and functional, through the “Scale App”. Because of the pressure sensitive force touch screen, users can actually weigh objects by placing them on their Mate S’s screen (objects weighing between 100 grams-400 grams). In addition to this, force touch in Mate S would help the users to control zooming in to the pictures and preview them in the gallery. But here this should be noted that Huawei has only incorporated these exclusive features in the Black Luxury edition of Mate S.

The Pressure sensitive modern screen is not the only similarity between the new iPhone and Mate S, both carry a 2.5D glass over their screens, both are made with aluminum and are available in four colors. Mate S’s premium version, available in Gold and Pink, with 64GB internal storage and the regular versions are offered in Champagne or Silver.

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